QT Newsletter – QT’s Scavenger Hunt!

QT’s Scavenger Hunt!

As the National Publisher of Quick Throttle Magazine, I often carry the heavy burden of leadership. Nowhere is this more important than in staff meetings. Some of us will spitball ideas around, but when a good one pops up, I am always ready to seize it as my own. I do this in a rather sneaky fashion, so that later on, when it comes time to hand out the kudos, no one is really sure that it wasn’t me who thought of it. I often chalk this up publicly to the “creative process” and the wonderful meeting of the minds that occurs with motojournalists of passion and vision. But really it’s just me convincing myself and them that as Supreme Leader, I thought of it first.

Such was the case with the idea of a QT Scavenger Hunt, where you, Constant Reader (as the great Stephen King lovingly refers to his long-suffering, faithful fans) get to WIN STUFF by simply looking back through old issues of this magazine for certain obscure “objects”. In this case, archived articles or random facts or figures that came from certain archived (or even too-old-to-be-archived) past issues of QT.

So, do you want to win a certificate for 2 full days of Eaglerider Motorcycle Rentals, a $300 value?

So here’s how it works:

You will win certificates from Eagleriders Rentals for 2 full days of Harley-Davidson or other rentals, a $300 value, if you’re the FIRST to find the below listed articles or references, and specify which editions they came from, including the month, year and region (i.e. California, Southwest, Northwest, Rockies or Midwest edition). Caution – while much of this information is archived online, there will be at least one item that is NOT….here’s the list:

  1. When did we run Koz’s article on Apehangers?
  2. When did Bandit the Biker Dog pass away? When did we write about it?
  3. When did Mike Dalgaard write “Indian Rides Again”? Hint – the makers of Chris-Craft Boats had just revived the brand. And no, we didn’t mention that in the article (well, not the Chris-Craft part). Hey, we never said this would be easy…
  4. Where and when did they “Dragaway” at the Lakes?
  5. When and where did Wild Bill party with PYO?
  6. Find the “Ray on the Road” article where he writes about the Hollister Rally…


The first reader to find all of the above articles will win the $300 Eagleriders certificates, their picture in the next QT, and our great respect!

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