PYO Bash 2007

By Wild Bill

I had never done this famous AZ Bike Week event at Paul Yaffe Originals but had sure heard enough about it. When I arrived in the area, man you could not miss it.

Bikes everywhere and I mean a whole lot of custom bikes. Parking and breaking out the camera we walked in to a mass of riders, The Western Bone Cleavers band jamming, Pizza and refreshments every were and all who attended were having a super time. I met up with Terry Rodgers of PYO and introduced myself and asked if I could take pictures of the event and he said to make my self at home, which I did. Seeing the bike’s Paul Yaffe builds for the Discovery Channel biker build off and seeing them in real life is so much different. Looking at all of the detail that he puts into them well you can see why they are such big hits. Saw some bikes in work taking shape, the others displayed and glowing.

Standing in the group talking to friends and fans I spotted Paul having a super time enjoying the turnout and being real down to earth. Getting a picture of my pal Victor standing next to Paul was a treat for Victor (Don’t know why I didn’t get one of Paul and I) all well another thing to ad to the list of things to do and the excuse to return to PYO. But it was then that Paul and Terry asked if I wanted to get some pictures of the bikes doing the burnouts. Now I was ready for this. Staging these awesome bikes, three to be exact, Paul, Terry and another member of there team started them up and proceeded to roar them into the beyond. They informed the crowd to stand back as rubber was about to fly and it could be hot. Well everyone wanted to be close and close they were. Smoke was pouring and gears were shifting and rubber was burning and the team was cranking the throttle to its max. Within a short time you could not see a thing except a few chunks of hot tire flying, and you just hear the noise. Paul Yaffe’s tire went first then Terry Rodgers tire went and the crowed roared. Wow the adrenalin was pumping; the lungs and air were filled with smoke it was beyond belief. Terry said with a smile, “Now I get to change these tires,” and they parked them for all to enjoy.

Going out to the parking lot to clear the lungs and remove bits o’ tire from my hair, I thought it was so well worth the trip to Arizona Bike Week, with all of the events around town for all of us riders to enjoy, and the special events like this one. I knew I had chosen the right day to attend. I want to give a special thanks to Paul Yaffe, Terry Rodgers and the PYO team for the awesome afternoon. To Linda Dahl our new Phoenix QT connection for all she did for us and the riders. Support her anytime you can as we all work and do this Magazine for you our readers.

If I didn’t have to work the next day I would have continued on to the Billet Bar where this bash was to move to next. I can only imagine what I missed…