PRODUCT REVIEW: Tourmaster Heated Riding Apparel 

By Koz Mraz

Tourmaster, a leader in motorcycle riding apparel, has released the Synergy Pro-Plus heated 12v jacket/liner.

In Sedona, Arizona, winter temperatures average between 35 and 50 degrees (F), and on a couple of occasions the temperatures hovered in the mid 20s.

EagleRider Motorcycle Rentals in Sedona offers Tourmaster heated jackets and pants as optional rentals if you’re heading to higher elevations like Flagstaff or Prescott. When I first looked at the jackets, they seemed so lightweight, I thought that they were jacket liners. In fact, the Pro-Plus is a jacket, but when the temperatures really drop you can use it as a liner to extend your riding season to all year long.

Unlike other 12v heated gear, this jacket does not require a separate thermostatic controller, because the Synergy has a built-in waterproof three-setting LED smart soft-touch controller on the left chest that I found to be easy to access and control. Also included was the 12v battery harness and safety fuse which eliminates the need for any other accessories to get started riding. With the outside temperature at 45 degrees, the jacket performed flawlessly, keeping me toasty warm.

But the real challenge came over the next few days when the temps took a nose dive into the mid-twenties.  What I found was that at those temperatures the use of this jacket as an outside jacket was not going to cut it (and it wasn’t really designed for those temps).

However, because of the lightweight build of this jacket, it also makes an excellent inner liner. Putting a leather jacket over it, to give a little extra insulation and wind protection, the Pro-Plus preformed great!

What this means is that unlike other 12v heated products, the Pro-Plus has a dual purpose, so on those cool days that only require a little extra something, you can just use it as a lightweight jacket without the need to “bundle up”, and stay plenty warm.  And when it gets really cold, just use it as a liner; you’re ready for anything.

The jacket is made from a 100% polyester soft shell fabric which makes it wind and water resistant.  The inside liner of the jacket is 100% nylon and sports a very comfortable micro-fleece collar. The ribbed knit cuffs are a a nice touch in preventing wind from blowing up your sleeve, thus helping to keep your arms warm. The seven flexible carbon fiber heating elements located on the chest, sleeves, back and collar provide more than enough coverage to keep you warm.

Retailing for $259.99, we think that’s a small price to pay to extend your riding seasons into cold weather climates.

Men’s: XSM – 3XL Women’s: SML – 4XL

SPECIFICATIONS: 100% Polyester wind- and water-resistant soft-shell fabric.

100% Nylon fixed liner, microfleece collar, and rib knit cuffs.

Lycra side stretch panels provide added comfort.

  • Total of seven flexible carbon fiber heating elements located on the chest (2), sleeves (2), back (2) and collar (1).
  • Heating elements connected using thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) wire for added safety and efficiency.
  • Built-in waterproof 3-setting LED smart soft touch controller on left chest.
  • Integrated microprocessor and thermal cut-off protect against power surge and overheating of elements.
  • 12v DC power / 42w power draw / 3.5a current.
  • Heat settings: High (126°f/52°c), Medium (113°f/45°c), Low (100°f/38°c).
  • Integrated and concealed battery harness and glove connectors.
  • Includes battery harness and safety fuse, requiring no additional accessories for use.