Product Review: 7eye by Panoptx

Interview by Randy Twells
With Rider Tom Delgado and 7eye President Daniel Hsu
Photos provided by Tom Delgado

We were curious about the company that makes 7eye by Panoptx eyewear. So we asked Daniel Hsu its Owner and President for a little background; here is what he told us!

“The company started in 1995 but officially incorporated on Nov. 1, 1997. It was started by a dental surgeon, a carpenter, and a salesman out of an idea to make a ski goggle alternative, as ski goggles tend to be clunky. After a few successful years, they realized that more and more Harley riders wore the products. That’s when the light bulb went on and they started pitching to Harley riders and other motorcycle groups, as the first eyewear company with foam to block out the wind, and introduced it to the motorcycle world. In 2008, the management team decided to switch the name to “7eye,” as “Panoptx” was difficult to spell, and the CEO at the time also wanted a different name.  When I bought the company in 2012, I realized many people still knew about the Panoptx name. So I then made the decision to call it “7eye by Panoptx” as some people know the name “7eye,” and some people know “Panoptx.”

The former management team who conceived the “7eye” name explained that “7eye” means seven colors of light, for our lenses are truly technically superior in both safety and color management.”

Our Quick Throttle staff is no stranger to 7eye by Panoptx; this writer for one, has used non-prescription Panoptx eyewear from the start of my riding days in 1998 straight through about 100,000 miles and I know why I love them.

We also wanted to get some feedback from a Quick Throttle reader who has used Panoptx Rx eyewear extensively, so we spoke with Tom Delgado, who has been riding motorcycles for over four decades and in fact worked as a motorcycle officer for a large metropolitan police department for a few years during a 34-year career.

Q- What do you look for in a “quality” pair of prescription sunglasses?
A- How well the product is made.  Comfort, style and warranty.

Q- How many hours a day do you wear your riding eyewear?
A- I use my riding eyewear for about ten to twelve hours a day. 

Q- How important is it for you to protect the health of your eyes from UV radiation?
A-Very important. High priority.

Q- Are your “No line bifocals” comfortable to ride motorcycles with them on?
A- Yes they are.  Had to get used to them but it did not take long at all. 

Q- Are you satisfied with the visual acuity or clarity of your vision while riding?
A- Yes I am. No problem at all.

Q- How much do you rely on being able to enjoy comfort and performance out of your 7eye sunglasses?
A- Very much. I have three pairs of 7eye glasses.  I rely on them quite a bit. I use them for bicycling, driving and riding my motorcycle. Comfort is one of my top priorities along with eye protection. I prefer 7eye’s wrap-around style glasses.

Q- You mentioned your background is Law Enforcement as a Motor Officer, with 34 years total time in, but that you had not used 7eye by Panoptx eyewear during those years.  Can you tell us about some of the issues that you dealt with in that time as far as your eye protection and vision correction while riding a motorcycle?
A- I worked motors for a few years in the mid-eighties, before 7eye or Panoptx were around, and the issue I have come to discover is the need to take care of your eyes.  If you work motors for a long time or pleasure ride for as long as I have (over 40 years) dry eyes can be a severe medical problem.  So my point is that the earlier you obtain good quality eyewear, the better.  The 7eye products have been great for me and my friends.  We ride in all climates and conditions.  Having the (removable foam) inserts for the 7eyes is a must.  They are very comfortable and they give maximum protection.

Q- Did you use any motorcycle specific eye protection or Rx product, and how did it perform?
A- While working as a motor officer I used regular prescription eye glasses or prescription sunglasses that did not wrap around my eyes nor had inserts to protect my eyes from debris.

Q- You mentioned you have three different pairs of Panoptx Rx purchased over the past eight years. Can you describe them and the differences?
A- One pair is for night driving and are clear prescription with progressive bifocal lenses.  The second pair are very dark sunglasses also with progressive bifocals.  My third pair have transition (light to dark) lenses and again with progressive bifocals. I use the third pair, my prescription transition glasses the most because it’s only one pair of glasses I have to carry.  I used my 7eye glasses during the final four years in law enforcement. Although I was no longer riding a motorcycle in my police work, I found them very helpful even driving a regular police car and when responding on calls involving any air quality issues or wind, blowing debris etc. And of course on my off-time I rode my own motorcycle anyway so I wore my 7eyes for everything really.

Q- How would you assess the difference in your ride experience now with Panoptx Rx vs. your years in law enforcement without them?
A- I wish I was aware of similar products earlier on.  It is so important to protect your eyes at all times.  Many of my friends have dry eyes due to the fact that they failed to protect their eyes. With 7eyes you are protected significantly. 100% difference in my confidence and comfort level as well as performance of the eyewear.

Q- How do you feel 7eye by Panoptx eyewear compare with other similar purpose eyewear?
A- I think 7eye is a superior product.

Q- Any other thoughts you would like to share with Quick Throttle readers today?
A- I truly believe 7eye eyewear is a superior quality product for all motorcycle riders.  The cost is worth the quality and protection you get.   I have received many compliments on my glasses.  I do use an anti-fog product so they do not fog up on me in rain or humid weather.  Bottom line is, I’m very happy and content with my 7eye glasses; they have very nice designs, are durable and the inserts are awesome. Just having the one pair for all circumstances is great.  The product is well-designed and user-friendly.  They are stylish and comfortable.

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