Our Adventure at Tahuya Adventure Resort

By Diana Olmstead. Photos by Diana & Robin Hudson

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Have you ever wanted to escape to the middle of nowhere? Well, I’ve got just the place for you – the Tahuya Adventure Resort.

Don’t let the word “resort” fool you into thinking it is a fancy resort with a small army of staff shuttling their guests about on golf carts while sipping champagne.

The Tahuya Adventure Resort is a 40-acre slice of wooded heaven that is situated right in the middle of the 25,000-acre Tahuya State Forest which is located on the southeastern portion of Hood Canal, west of Belfair in Mason County, Washington.

I would say that the resort is a great fit for dual sport and ORV riders. There driveway to the resort is nearly a mile-long dirt and gravel road so keep that in mind when planning a visit.

If you don’t have a bike of your own you can rent one of their 2017 150cc automatic quads to go ride and explore with. The resort provides their guests with a nicely done Tahuya State Forest map that clearly shows which trails are designated as single-track trails, 2-track trunk trails and 4 x 4 trails.

The resort is family friendly and open to all regardless of whether you choose to ride while staying there.

There are accommodations available to suit any type of camper – Some people bring their travel trailers, some prefer to pitch a tent, and some prefer to stay in one of their beautiful wood framed canvas cabins.

Each individual campsite is laid-out in a manner that offers some privacy and spectacular views of the forest.

The cabins blew us away, they were what I would refer to as “upscale rustic” in design. Each cabin boasts hand crafted log furnishings, linens, a mini fridge, coffee maker, bath towels, heaters and fans. A nice front porch is adorned with chairs and flower pots creating a relaxing feel.

Not far from the campsites is a what they refer to as a community kitchen. This gathering and cooking area is unbelievable and the design is right on par with the forested landscape that surrounds it. The wooden structure has open sides that can be closed with large outdoor curtains in inclement weather.

The kitchen features two sinks and plenty of countertop space, a gas barbecue grill, large food prep table, microwave and mini fridge on one end of the space. On the other end is seating comprised of tables and chairs, as well as gas fire pits to sit around while enjoying dinner or beverages. They even have a flat screen for those that don’t want to miss a ball game.

Their bathroom is not at all what you would expect for such a remote location – it is quite nice, beautiful in design, and features a flushing toilet, sink and shower.

The QT Staff spent two days at the Tahuya Adventure Resort. We explored just about every inch of their 40-acre property as well as many of the local state forest trails and we had a blast.

The owners, sisters Karen Giguere, Lynette Raden, and Amy Cromer, along with Amy’s husband Dave Cromer, bought this parcel, a former tree farm, several years ago and opened to the public a little over 9 months ago.

The family members, who are at or near retirement age, are some of the hardest working and kindest people that we’ve had the pleasure of meeting and getting to know.

They have done all of the work on the site themselves – building all of the structures, clearing trees, laying gravel, gardening, decorating, and more.

During our stay we were in awe watching them work their tails off while enjoying the companionship of one another. All that hard work will pay off; by the end of this summer they will have built 4 more luxury tents and 12 more RV sites, plus a zipline! Five years from now they plan to have a treehouse, swimming pool, and resort shop.

In a short period of time they have had families from all over the Pacific Northwest come for a stay. Now it’s time to let folks from all over the U.S. visit this beautiful wooded picturesque resort. For more info check out their website: TahuyaAdventureResort.com

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