Marc’s humble beginnings are rooted in the tool & die industry, “My background is the reason why I am so detail oriented in my artwork. I am not afraid to try new styles and I have no limits.” His complex brush strokes portray a lifestyle of love, family and home with a bad ass twist. His subject matter turns a vision into an immediate emotional connection with his fans.

He has the unique ability to capture iconic legends in both his Motor Marc Art and his Music Fine Art. Whether his art portrays engine power and chrome, or rock ‘n’ roll and music passion, Marc’s work stirs emotions that define the cultural essence of contemporary modern art, that can touch everyone at every level.

Lacourciere was born in Windsor, Ontario, Canada, just one mile from Michigan, in 1960. He discovered his true talent at the tender age of ten, when he had his first showing at the well-known Willistead Manor Art Gallery.

After graduating high school, Lacourciere became a toolmaker. While that paid the bills, Lacourciere was never far from his main passion – art. Several years later he decided that painting was the only thing he wanted to do, so the entrepreneur started his own business incorporating fine arts with advertising and promotion.

As the word spread of his unique talent, Lacourciere’s popularity in the motorcycle/automotive art world virtually exploded. Working closely with Fortune 500 companies such as the Bradford Exchange, Discovery Communications Inc. and many more, orders came flooding in; he knew he could no longer split his time between his art and his business. His passion and commitment to creating masterpieces won out, and now he dedicates countless hours to the most expressive paintings the art world has ever seen.

His meteoric rise to the top of the art world has driven Marc’s past works to dramatically rise in value and are highly sought after by collectors and enthusiasts alike. Look for this highly accomplished artist to continue to be a force to reckon with as he pushes the boundaries of artistic creativity.

The Motors

A self-confessed “motor head,” Marc has combined his love for high-tech machinery with an extraordinary artistic talent to create the ultimate expression of high-performance art. From custom motorcycles, classic cars, and NASCAR™ to a nautical fantasy series featuring pirates and chrome treasure, all his work has been the expression of Marc’s artistic vision as he creates groundbreaking pieces showcasing these vehicles. As a licensed artist for notable Fortune 500 companies such as Discovery Communications, Easyriders, Indian Motorcycle and Fender Guitar, Marc’s reputation as a highly accomplished artist is known worldwide.

Motor Marc has gained international recognition for his art showcasing the wild machines from the hit television show American Chopper. He has also appeared on television programs and in magazines nationwide, and his high energy persona compliments the wide variety of subject matter he portrays.

The Music

Artist Marc Lacourciere is one of the world’s most sought after fine artists and has combined his passion for music with an extraordinary artistic talent to create the ultimate expression of musical performance art.

Artist Marc’s latest creations are a virtual cornucopia of sensory pleasures. This latest series features legendary musical artists from the past several decades. These amazing paintings will include many of the crowning names in rock n’ roll history, from the Beatles, legendary guitarist Jimi Hendrix and ZZ Top, to a wide variety of musicians and bands. Working closely with the musicians, he has captured the very essence of the performers through precise expressions and truthful performance gestures. Each painting has been approved, scrutinized and critiqued for authenticity before being released.

He has been featured on ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, Speed TV, as well as a variety of high profile publications across North America, depicting his artwork on their covers as the most detailed and expressive artist in the industry.


Motor Marc has recreated his childhood clubhouse using old memories as inspiration. 

Driving to the gym one morning and stopped at a traffic light, I look over and see this cool treehouse camouflaged among the leaves and branches of the tree. I immediately started thinking of my best childhood fun. I remember building underground forts and a treehouse in our backyards’ fields.

Riding through the narrow path with our bicycles and later trail bikes, we were always looking for old car and motorcycle parts to surround our little homemade place. This palace was our second home to hang out in, without our parents being around. Getting ready to start my Sturgis commemorative painting .. this was my new idea but painting it with a South Dakota twist.

From the first painting featured for the 77th Sturgis 2017 Rally, it began as an early start at the motor boys club, hard work and all play. Finding old vintage car parts, digging out old motorcycles and anything to add to their collection. No matter the size of the load, the kids come together to overcome any obstacle in collecting their treasure, from the vintage Harley-Davidson to skull-and-crossbone flags waving in the air.  

The following year, 2018, the featured painting for the 78th Sturgis Rally embodies a boy racing along through the countryside’s golden plains who brings new findings for another adventure. A vintage and rusted motorcycle sparks imagination as the boys play out fantasies of being Evel Knievel. The daredevil kid of the motor boys club balances himself as he imagines he’s soaring in the sky attempting his biggest stunt yet.

As the field clubs got larger and more popular in the neighbourhood, the girls came around and started building their own. With them always teasing the boys about how great their club house looked, it made it challenging but in good fun. Their perfect day was hanging out with their friends, daydreaming of possibly riding a motorcycle someday. The sound of music gives a joyful energy to the motor girls club. Flying freely in the sky as the day just begins, fun times are captured in the moment and remembered forever.