OC Choppers/American Chopper Stars Record Album w/ Platinum-selling German Band Frei.Wild

Newly Released, First Single, “Freundschaft Brotherhood” [Friends Brotherhood]

Is Hard-Driving, Rock Anthem for Troubled Times Around the Globe

HAMBURG, Germany — May 18, 2020 — For Immediate Release — The  platinum award-winning, chart-topping, Italian, German-speaking rock group Frei.Wild has partnered with the rabble-rousing stars of Orange County Choppers/American Chopper on a joint project for the August 7th release of the band’s 16th album, Brotherhood (available for pre-order now), released by Rookies & Kings, through Soulfood Music Distribution.

The album features vocals in in English by Chopper stars Paul Teutul Sr. and Mikey Teutul (Paul’s youngest son) and Alex Franco, a long-time associate at the famed garage who brings a forceful, slightly raspy baritone to the lyrics and helped with the songwriting; and in German by Frei.Wild band members Philipp Burger (vocals, guitar), Jonas Notdurfter (guitar), Jochen “Zegga” Gargitter (bass) and Christian “Föhre” Forer (drums).

A high-octane rock album, Brotherhood features the catchy melodies and dominate guitar riffs expected by fans of Frei.WildThe New York Times has described their music as “a punk-inflected variant of “Deutschrock”—adding purely American influences such as country music elements and production-technical refinement.

Frei.Wild translates to “outlaws” in German, so it was only natural to partner with American “outlaws”—long-time personal friends of the band, who they met in 2018  at a dinner held during the Harley in the Snow event in Ridnaun, Italy—on a joint project under the name Bruder 4 Brothers [Brothers 4 Brothers].

While the initial single, “Freundschaft Brotherhood” [Friends Brotherhood], released May 15, was written and recorded long before the current pandemic crisis, it’s a message that is uniquely relevant during the Coronavirus epidemic—Brothers we will always be, to eternity, around the world—as an anthem for what is happening today and the need to all band together.

Hear the single and watch the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TETdvYafPh8

The second single, “Burn Fire Burn for Me”—featuring an animated video due to inability to film during the current quarantine—will be released July 3. Other songs on the album include:  “Pussy or a Man,” “Do You See My Devil,” “A Man and His Honor,” “Smell the Gasoline,” “You, Me and the Night,” “Steel Horse,” “The True Feeling of Freedom” and “Don’t Get Better Than This.”

Brotherhood is available digitally or in a CD digipak ($14.98 US); and as a 1LP vinyl in gatefold ($24.98 US).

Preorder the Album: www.brueder4brothers.com

About American Chopper/Orange County Choppers:

American Chopper was an American reality television series (2003-2010), starring Paul Teutul Sr. (Seniorand his son, Paul Teutul Jr. (Junior), who designed and manufactured custom, chopper-style motorcycles at their shop Orange County Choppers is in Newburgh, New York. The conflicting work/creative styles of the father-and-son team and the resulting explosive arguments were the series’ hallmark until a 2008 blow-up prompted Junior’s departure to open a competing shop. There was a special, American Chopper Live: The Build Off (reuniting Senior and Junior one more time), in 2011 and Senior later relaunched the show as Orange County Choppers (2013-2014).  Both series—which were wildly popular, launching a merchandising empire that included a 2005 video game—can still be seen on the Discovery Channel.

About Frei.Wild/Rookies & Kings:

Founded in 2009, Rookies & Kings (distributed by Soulfood Music) is a record label established by the popular rock band Frei.Wild, with more than 100 artists on its roster. Frei.Wild (pronounced FRY-vilt, the word Freiwild translates to “outlaw”) is a popular Italian rock band from the German-speaking population of Brixen, South Tyrol, Italy. Founded in 2001, bandmembers include Philipp Burger (vocals, guitar), Jonas Notdurfter (guitar), Jochen “Zegga” Gargitter (bass) and Christian Föhre” Forer (drums). An award-winning, chart-topping, platinum-selling group, The New York Times described their music as “a punk-inflected variant of “Deutschrock.” Brotherhood is the group’s 16th album. Visit the band’s website at: https://www.frei-wild.net  and the label at www.rookiesandkings.com

About Soulfood Music Distribution:

Founded in 2002 by indie music veterans Georg Schmitz and Jochen Richert, Hamburg-based Soulfood Music has quickly become one of Germany’s largest independent distributors, providing an international distribution network to more than 100 labels and boasting a genre-transcending roster that includes a wide range of musical directions—from metal/rock to pop, urban, re-issue, jazz and world music—for a global audience. Visit them online at: http://www.soulfood-music.de