New vehicle polymer coating formula from TopCoat is the most high-tech, concentrated wash on the market!

The high-performance surface coatings experts, TopCoat®, have debuted a new automotive car wash called PolyWash™ that will add to their amazing product line. TopCoat® PolyWash™ promises to revolutionize the auto detailing industry and make time-consuming, costly washes and waxes a thing of the past.

Ideal for cars, trucks, motorcycles, and more. TopCoat PolyWash™ is an innovative, lasting pre-wash cross-polymer which leaves behind a protective layer without a waxy residue. Treated surfaces are easier to clean and this coating means that regular wash and wax sessions are no longer needed. The formula can also be used on multiple materials and surfaces, so drivers won’t need to clutter up their garage or spend big bucks on several other products to get gleaming results.

TopCoat PolyWash™ has been developed to be extremely effective on exterior surface types, and works efficiently to remove built-up dirt, oil, and grime from environmental conditions as soon as PolyWash™ touches the vehicle. It provides a superior shine three times better than any other product currently available as seeing is believing!

The cutting-edge technology is concentrated, so a little goes a long way. PolyWash™ is safe and easy to use, with visible results after just one single TopCoat PolyWash™

With extensive experience in the industrial chemicals and auto dealing industries, the TopCoat formula comes from a wealth of industry knowledge spanning decades. The result is a highly effective cross-polymer that is superior to even “ceramic” branded washes and coatings. PolyWash™ adds a protective barrier while removing contaminants that these common washes and waxes have problems with.

Not only does PolyWash™ make vehicle cleaning simple and cost-effective, but it can also help restore a vibrant depth of color to any paint job with minimal effort.

Scott Smith from TopCoat® said “As motor enthusiasts ourselves, we’ve been striving for the perfect product that will save hours waxing and detailing our vehicles. With PolyWash™ that is a thing of the past. TopCoat® has created the perfect car wash that is extremely easy to use, significantly reduces time, and delivers exceptional results from cleaning to shine! “

“PolyWash provides a mirror shine and restores depth of color unlike anything else available with such minimum effort. The protective layer safeguards against dirt, grease and grime so treated surfaces are easy to maintain. It’s also convenient and means that scrubbing dirty wheels or battling to remove seasonal vehicle build up is much less of a chore. All of this considered, the product is also designed to be applied by any means, from simple hand washing, dry cleaning, or full out foam cannon spraying, PolyWash™ enables the user to continue washing their vehicles

with any method they are most comfortable with or personally feels will achieve the greatest results.

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TopCoat is a US based company dedicated to providing high-performance surface coatings ideal for use with cars, trucks and motorcycles.

With a wide range of quality products such as Topcoat® F11®, customers can enjoy superior shine, intense color and less time spent washing and waxing their vehicles thanks to the protective coating formulas that are suitable for a wide range of surfaces.