New-old Sportster wheel kit product


Seven spoke 19” Sportster wheel conversion kit© for Trackers, Hooligan and Cafe

Brand new seven spoke Morris wheels add a cleaner visual look for 1973-2004 Sportsters. Open-look Morris wheels can be stunning on trackers, hooligan bikes, old style café bikes, TT style and brat bikes. A bolt on package–Sportster owners simply mount the wheels and connect the chain/belt-that’s it. The turnkey package includes two new 19” Morris wheels and a rear-wheel conversion kit. USA made Morris wheels are cast aluminum and both measure 2.15 x 19”. Maximum front tire size is 130/90 (5”) and rear is 140/90 (5.50”). Shinko, Avon and Duro have 19” rear tires. The conversion kit works on Sportsters with ¾” axles. It does not fit 1” axle models. The front wheel comes with a spider mount for a single rotor. I offer an optional dual rotor mount kit for cafe bikes.

Rear wheel with conversion kit parts

Two new 19’ Morris wheels and rear wheel conversion package is $995.00 w/ Free freight in 48. Optional Dual disc front wheel option is $50.00. Dealer pricing.




Optional dual disc kit with two mount spiders


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