More Power to Ya!

by Arlin Harmon

While sitting around in this miserable weather, one of the most important things I have to do is— Keep From Going Crazy.

I decided to focus on new products for our bikes. Seems like we’re always looking for ways to upgrade our ride. So I thought I’d put down a few words about just how good some of these new products are, and what can be expected from them, both HP- wise, as well as total cost for the new toy.

This month I’ve got a brand new pipe by Rinehart. It’s their 2 Into 1 series. We’re putting it on an ’06 FLH with stock displacement. The bike already has a Power Commander, and Doherty air pack. We’ll be installing S &S 510 cams and gear drive kit— the cams being the only major modification .

Our guy, John, (owner of this rig), wants more get up and go, but doesn’t want to pull the heads off, and is satisfied with 88 inches. The 2 Into 1 was sort of an after thought, but after unpacking it, I can tell you, it’s one fine piece. Every part is a work of art, and the chrome looks 3 inches thick. Nice pipe! I was anxious to get it together to see if it performed as well as it looked.

We started on the bike by pulling the old exhaust and headers— all brackets, and the floor board on the right side. Next, the push rod tubes are loosened and the pushrods cut with a bolt cutter. This lets us get to the cam case, where the removal and assembly were performed. The new bikes are really easy to work on. No filing or grinding to fit the cams. It’s been done at the factory. One other thing I would suggest to you if you get into the oil pump, is to install S & S’s Reed Valve breather while you’ve got it apart. Twin cams still have issues with their oiling system. These breathers really help get rid of unwanted blow by— the kind that soaks your leg, when run hard for long distances. John wanted the 510s specifically, since the heads need no modification to run them. The install is pretty straight forward.

After adjusting the push rods, we were ready to put everything back together— making sure the O rings were in place, and the oil pump was centered on the shaft.

We checked the back lash on the cam gears, and they were found to be well within specs. Be aware of both these things! A lot of guys out there aren’t taking time to center the oil pump correctly, nor check clearances in the gears before finishing. The result of this can be more oil consumption and noise from the gears, eventually leading to a failure in your motor. Not good!

After adjusting the valves, we were ready for the exhaust install. Since there are no cross over pipes to deal with, the install is pretty easy. Just follow the instructions, and before you know it, you have the pipe on and ready to fire. I’d say 1 hour or so for the exhaust.

Last thing to do is go back and check all fasteners. Then, we wipe down all chrome with Windex to remove finger prints. If you start your bike with the smudges on the pipes, they may very well be there forever.

Finally, we’re ready to fire her up. The sound is great— Big, Deep, Authoritative ! Those are words that might be used. The motor settled into a healthy lope, idling right at 1000 RPMs. I let it run in front of the fans for a while with no load, just to let the cams break in a little. We’re in the process of doing maintenance on the dyno, so while we finished up, I allowed the bike to run for about 30 minutes in the warm-up mode.

Now, keep in mind this is a stock 88 inch— no stage one kit, with stock RPM rev limiter. The bike hit it at 5500 RPMs. No major modifications, other than the cam kit. Just to give you something to compare to: A 95 inch twin cam with stage 2— that’s 203 cams, better intake air cleaner, and performance mufflers, usually come in around 78 to 80 HP— if the pipes are really good. That’s a full big bore and cams!

DYNO UP: When I start a tune session to remap a Power Commander, the first thing I do is plug into Tuning Link. This gives me the best information about settings for the dyno. It has programs set up in the software that take the bike through its paces. All the while, adjusting the fuel mixture for the load applied. End result is maximum HP and torque, at all throttle and load settings. It’s amazing how good these bikes run after a good re-map.

Our first few runs produced about 83 HP. These are full-on runs in 4th gear, from around 1500 to 5500 RPMs. Torque was very close to 90, with a smooth curve from the bottom to the top of the scale. I go over the settings several times, just to be sure we’re getting accurate readings. Once the bottom line is established, I start to work on trying to improve the figures— moving the mixture around, changing the timing at different power points. Sometime you get a gain, and sometime not. I ran the bike in both 4th and 5th to compare the results.

Our best run of the day showed 88 HP, with 93 LBS of torque. I got several runs in the 87 .5 range, and only once topping 88 HP. All torque figures were above 90, with a smooth pull from about 3,000. Below that, you can see a little bit of a dip in torque from 1500 to around 2750. This looks like the pipe at work. This may be a little off of the figures produced by the 2 Into 2s, but over all, the 2 into1 performed perfect, with great pull from 2750 to redline. Oh, the sound! Let’s just say you won’t mistake it for anything else.

A quick ride on John’s bike is all the proof you could need. The bike pulls like a freight train from 1500, with no missing or hesitation. It’s hard to believe this is an 88 incher. By the way, that’s 1 HP per cubic inch to you. Not bad! The cam kit costs about $750.00. Add $100.00 for the reed breather, and $630.00 for the pipes. That’s a little over $1450.00. Labor is around 5 hrs- somewhere in the vicinity of $400.00.

Of course you’ll still need, if you don’t already have, A Power Commander 111 USB and a Doherty air pack to produce what we did here. Compare what you’d get for the same kind of money spent on other products, and what kind of result would come from it.

Bottom Line: The Rinehart Hart 2 Into 1 works and sounds GREAT! Bonus for this pipe, is it costs around $200.00 less than Rinehart 2 Into 2s. S & S 510’s gear drive cam kit does what it says! Everything combined, with a Power Commander re-map, can make 1 HP per cubic inch. In the HP world, that’s INCREDIBLE !

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