Miss AZ Bike Week



You’ll have to wait for that answer!!

Well, you know Arizona Bike Week is coming when all of us converge upon The Venue of Scottsdale for what appears to everyone as the kick off to the next 11 days of total excitement. These are actually just “Pre-Rally” days, but can be just as fun as the rally itself.

Ed Leclure, one of the owners of Arizona Bike Week, had a tough job entertaining the ladies, helping them walk around on stage, getting up close and personal with each of them, guarding them and just generally keeping the party on track. Good job Ed!!! No one else could have done that as well as you.

So, we start the evening off with some music. Jack Ripper, an 11-year-old prodigy, took the stage and ripped his guitar better thanmost record label performers. Keep an eye on this kid, he has a future.

Upstairs there were chicken wings catered by Ling & Louis in Scottsdale (you got to try them!). Also, there were drinks available for those lucky enough to score VIP tickets. The view from upstairs was very cool. You could look down on the bands and crowd surf easily.

However, the real action was on the floor with every one of you that came out to watch these 12 lovely ladies compete for the crown. They came on stage one at a time and answered questions like what it would mean to them to be Miss Arizona Bike Week, and if they won the lottery, what would be the first thing they would do. Hey, this is a real pageant by the way! No one bothered to ask about global warming. I somehow doubt the audience was interested.

After the first round of questioning, the ladies got to mingle with the crowd, you know try to gather as many audience clapping votes as they could! It was obvious that these girls were out to have a great time and enjoy themselves regardless of the outcome. Then they came out in their swim suits and had to impress the judges barely dressed and answer another round of questions. Again, no fiscal policy questions were asked. And again, the audience didn’t seem as though they cared.

So after a little deliberation and having the band Chocolate Fountain rock the house, Ed came back on stage prepared to share with us who Miss Arizona Bike Week is for 2008.

One by one, they came up on stage and gave us their best side, while the audience roared for its favorites.

NOW! The winner is… Ms. Sarah Clark!  To me it was an obvious choice. I knew she would make quality Miss Arizona Bike Week the first time I saw her. She was sweet and classy and had it all together. Even Ed commented on how lucky Arizona Bike Week has been to find the best of the best over the last three years.

Sarah registered online at the last minute. Her friends and family had egged her on for the past few years to do this, so she finally decided to go for it! She was nervous and shy about the strutting around in a swim suit, but she did a great job at it.

A little about Sarah; she rides a 2007 Dyna Street Bob with a flat black paint job. She has been riding since 2003. She told me she got a little adventurous streak in her where she went skydiving, bungie jumping and then took a motorcycle safety course. She went out and bought her first motorcycle the day after she finished the course. She had found her passion. Now she is a test rider for Harley Davidson. She rides every day about 250 – 300 miles. She rides the same bike al day and will ride anything from a little Sporty to Buell. Then the next day she might be on a Springer or Road King. Every day is new and exciting to someone who loves riding the way she does. Unfortunately, she is off work for an injury right now. I guess slamming the brakes and clutch as often and hard as she does caused a little trouble in her elbow.

A little message from Sarah: “Thank you for supporting me and making me feel so welcome at Bike Week and in the riding community in general. Ride safe and I want to see all of you again next year, same time same place”.

I know we are all excited for you and you deserve it girl!