Miss Arrowhead Harley-Davidson

When you listen to the weather report looking for some sign of relief but swear you are watching reruns of last weeks forecast (or maybe even the week before that), you soon realize it is hot and that is not going to change real soon. The dealerships need to get creative. Yet, nothing is better than spending a Saturday afternoon on your butt watching Myth Busters re-runs in the comfort or your air-conditioned house. I mean, it’s only 112 degrees outside. What could be more exciting than opening the front door to a blast furnace, much less firing up 86 cubic inches of engine and sitting on the black top of the city streets? Uh, Discover channel re-runs. HELLO!!

All of the above sounded like so much fun which is why Arrowhead Harley Davidson decided to put all their creative juices to work and came up with something that not only would drag you off the couch, but convince you to hang out outside for 4 hours. How about a bikini contest and bikini bike wash as well. Yes, it did the trick! Hundreds of you came out to listen to the DJ spin tunes and watch as the girls washed bikes and hosed each other down and paraded around in tiny little bikinis.

It was definitely a festival of beauty. There were hot dogs cooking on the grill, plenty of bottled water and a full staff inside the air-conditioned dealership to answer all of your questions about the latest and coolest bikes in the showroom.

Lots of guys wanted to be judges for the bikini-clad babes but there was only room for eight of them. So they set up a challenge to test the knowledge of those wannabe’s. The girls had to ask the guys questions about bikes. Questions they knew the answer to (ok, yes they had a cheat sheet). However, the guys still had to step up to the plate. They were tough questions! Like “How many cubic inches does a lady like between her legs”? Referring to the new Dyna Low Rider of course! All right guys, I am trying to keep your attention with my eloquent writing, but I can tell, I lost you in the first three pictures. So all I am going to say is… We crowned a new Miss Arrowhead Harley-Davidson at this event. She is a cutie! Her prize money was well worth her gas to get there. (Why does everything boil down to how much gas you had to spend to do something??)

Overall – yes it was a HOT day. But, until you settled back in to the cage you came in, somehow it wasn’t noticeable. Maybe it was because the girls on stage were much hotter than we were.

Special thanks to Dan Herrera for putting this event together. And also to Ride Now for supporting girls in bikini’s!!