Metal Mulisha rocked Northwest Harley-Davidson

By Diana Olmstead

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Imagine taking Exit 111 off of northbound I-5 and looking over your shoulder and seeing a guy and a dirt bike several stories up, in midair, and the guy is just barely holding on to the seat of his bike with his hands! Then you look over at the parking lot at Northwest Harley-Davidson and see that it is jam packed with people.

What do you do? You take a left at the roundabout, pull in to the dealership, get off your bike and check out what’s happening!

In all fairness, the vast majority of people attending the August 6th, Metal Mulisha Moto X Jump Show knew about it in advance and made plans to be there, but there were a few hundred that luckily stumbled upon the event as they were exiting off of the freeway in their cars, trucks and SUV’s with their family members in tow.

I am very familiar with Northwest Harley-Davidson and I have attended lots of great events there over the years. But this event, Metal Mulisha had a vibe that was different than anything they have done before.

A huge set of ramps were placed on the pavement that runs between the main entrance doors and the Service Dept doors.

To the left of the ramps a large outdoor stage was set up so that three of the best, local, up and coming bands in town could rock the massive crowd. Klover Jane, Sin Circus and What Thou Wilt gave high energy rock performances that blew everyone away.

In the parking lot area that runs parallel to I-5 the Blacktop Rebels Car Club had about a half a dozen outstanding classic cars and hot rods on display which everyone enjoyed checking out.

A vendor booth and food truck area was created in the parking lot along the front side of the dealership. There was a variety of vendor booths that catered to all ages: face painting for kids, jewelry, a U.S. Army info booth and portable blow up basketball hoop, and the bands and Metal Mulisha were autographing and selling their merchandise.

If you were hungry there were several great options for food which was really nice. You could try Hawaiian food from the Da Tiki Hut, Mexican food from the Taqueria La Esqcinita, and authentic Chicago Dog from Hometown Dogs.

For those looking to quench thirst, ice cold water and pop were able at all of the food trucks, or you could get an iced coffee or smoothie from the Foxy Lady Coffee stand.

An over 21 fenced off beer garden had been set up under the covered area just outside the front doors making it a cool, shaded, popular place to kick back with a cold brew.

When I made my way inside the dealership it too was packed with people. Some were getting out of the sun for a few minutes and ordering a sandwich or beverage from the NWHD Deli but most were shopping. Upstairs, the Motorclothes staff were running their tails off assisting customers with their purchases of t-shirts, leathers, helmets, bar ware and more.

Back downstairs and just inside the door Rollin Gypsy Tattoo was putting fresh ink on a someone’s upper arm.

On the showroom floor, the Sales staff were talking with men and women about whatever gleaming bike had caught their eye. Several bikes were sold that day too!

The staff in the Parts Dept had a line of people picking up, ordering and purchasing new parts. One guy, with a big ‘ol grin on his face, had purchased so many parts they had to use a dolly to load all his boxes into the back of his pickup truck.

After spending some money on gifts for a few people close to me I made my way back outside. The band Sin Circus was on stage giving a hell of a heavy metal performance.

Soon after it was time for another Metal Mulisha Moto X Jump Show! The massive crowd converged along the roped off area giving them a direct view of the freestyle motocross (FMX) show. I made my way onto the roof of the dealership hoping to capture their performance with some great camera shots. I was so completely mesmerized by what I was seeing through my lens that at some point I put my camera down and simply enjoyed the view. I could hear the applause of the crowd below and the whiz of the bikes in midair. Damn it was cool!

Metal Mulisha started back in the late 90’s and is now a recognized sport in freestyle competitions like the X Games. It has also become a movement in itself that encourages guys and girls to be bold and express their rebellious spirit through motorcycles and music.

Congrats to Northwest H-D for putting together a top-notch event. It was really cool to see the place packed with a large group of young and old adults as well as teens to toddlers and a few still in the womb!

A special thank you goes out to Metal Mulisha, Top Shelf Productions, Red E Sound, Blacktop Rebels Car Club, Westside Tavern, U.S. Army, all of the vendors and all of the bands.

Proceeds raised benefited AUSA (Association of the U.S. Army) which provides a number of important services to all Army ranks and components.

Northwest H-D is located just off I-5 at Exit 111 in Lacey, WA. Be sure to check out their ads in Quick Throttle Magazine every month as well as their website and Facebook page to stay up to date on what’s happening at “The Friendliest Shop on the West Coast!”