Meeting Max Meyers, team, at Desert 100, 2019

Spotlight on: MaxPower Law and V2Works’ riding CEO Troy Turner

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Desert 100 competitor Troy Turner is the epitome of the saying, “Do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life!” Troy says, “I have been riding motorcycles for more than five decades and working with groups like MaxPower Law and Quick Throttle just reinforces my love for riding and the people that support it.”

ABOUT The Relationship…

V2Works is a small specialized branding firm that connected with Max Meyers Law to help Max’s team create a market focused niche in the motorcycle accident attorney industry. They really liked what Max had to say about the industry and that the Northwest really needs a local firm that  specializes in the rider community. This was a natural fit for V2Works because their president, Troy Turner, is not only the creative force behind V2Works, he has been on motorcycles since he was five years old. Troy has owned just about every brand and style of bike and turns his own wrenches.

Together with Max they came up with the MaxPower Law name and created the “look and feel” of the brand. Currently the teams are building digital and print materials to support MaxPower Law as well as supporting Max in any way they can. From the day V2Works’ team met Max and his team, they knew it was going to be an exciting trip.

ABOUT V2Works… in their own words:

“V2Works is a unique brand firm with a unique perspective. Not only do we represent clients across the powersports continuum — but our CEO, Troy Turner, is a crazed powersports enthusiast!


Current Ride: 2019 KTM 500EXC-F. This bike was designed to be a true dual sport bike but with a few modifications Troy has elevated its off-road capabilities.

Growing up in the 60’s and 70’s surrounded by sand dunes and sagebrush, Troy never stayed in the house to play. Blowing up motors and having to rebuild them became common practice around the Turner home. Troy never had the opportunity to race professionally, but to this day still rides every Poker Run and Enduro he can get to. He has also competed in Washington State’s Desert 100, the most prestigious local off-road race, for the past thirty years, completing the race 22 times on eight different bikes.*

Troy Turner: “This was my thirtieth time at the Desert 100 and have finished 22 times. This year out of the 910 riders who started… I came in at #287… felt pretty good about that. I started doing the race when I was 26 years old (now 56) … and still love it.”

The Desert 100 has two ‘waves’, the 100 mile wave that Troy rides with 910 racers this year, plus a second wave- a 50 mile race (401 racers this year) running at the same time behind the first wave. Troy told us, “So in total there were 1,311 racers on the course at the same time and 421 of those racers DNF (Did Not Finish). So one out of three (32%) of the riders don’t even finish. That’s how rough of a race it is. Crashes, blown engines and the biggest is flat tires. The lava rock is like razors.”

Troy’s wife, children and friends are habitually beside him, camping, riding poker runs and spending hours on single-track trails through the forest. He loves to get new people started in the sport, especially teaching young children to ride and getting them hooked on a lifetime of excitement.

When Troy did have idle time as a youth, he spent it drawing, which was the only thing that could distract him from dirt. After high school he went directly into the arts where he earned an illustration degree, then moved on to design and advertising, seeing that he loved it all. In 1984, Troy journeyed to Seattle and quickly worked his way up to Art Director at some of the top agencies. In 1993 Troy established V2Works where he helps clients create powerful brands with his creative team.

ABOUT the Industry… In Troy’s own words…

“Believe it or not, the motorcycle industry is growing. The Motorcycle Industry Council reports that sales grew 8% in 2018… the most ever recorded in decades.

Even though I have more experience in off road riding I predicted many years ago that “Adventure Riding” and “Dual Sporting” was the future of the sport, and it’s happening right now. It’s the fastest growing market and will be for many years to come. Getting on a bike and seeing the country on paved roads as well as dirt roads and trails is the ultimate experience. Honda, KTM, BMW, Ducati, Suzuki, Kawasaki and Triumph (just to name a few) are all spending top dollar in R&D for this market.

I personally went out and bought a new KTM500 dual sport and with two of my buddies we are taking the Washington Backcountry Discovery Route from Oregon to Canada this summer. It will be my first long distance dual sport ride and I’m pretty excited!”**

ABOUT Max Meyers…

Feeling the wind on your face and the power of the throttle in your hand has always been a passion for Max Meyers. Max grew up in the greater Seattle area. His family landed in Issaquah, where he spent time riding his dirt bike in the hills surrounding the area. Cle Elum was a favorite off road park while in high school, sadly closed down years ago. Suncadia now occupies this land.

Max truly fell in love with motorcycles as a teenager. At nineteen, he bought his first street bike, a Kawasaki GPZ 750, so much fun! That GPZ was his only vehicle for over a year. Rain, wind, sun or moon, he learned to ride in all seasons of the year. Max rode that bike for more than a decade, including his time in college at WSU.

Max took his passion for motorcycles into his career. After graduating from Seattle University Law School, he began his career as a personal injury attorney hoping to focus on motorcycle accident cases. In 2014, Max decided to take matters into his own hands and opened his own law firm, Max Meyers Law PLLC. He was able to start helping the riding community as he dreamed, but not at the level he hoped.

Taking it to the next level pushed Max to launch MaxPower Law – Washington Motorcycle Accident Attorneys as part of his law firm Max Meyers Law PLLC.

Hence, the birth of MaxPower Law, with attorneys licensed to practice law in the state of Washington. When you choose MaxPower Law you get local Washington attorney Max Meyers and his team of Washington attorneys at Max Meyers Law PLLC. Powerful attorneys when you need it!

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