Mecum Auctions: Las Vegas, 2020

By Sasha Johnson

The 2020 Mecum Auction January 21-26 was the place to be for motorcycle lovers and enthusiasts. My first day at the event, I walked on to the showroom floor and was absolutely gob-smacked. I could not believe just how many amazing, vintage works of art had found their way to Vegas. And though the bidding arena was packed full, it still seemed like there were more bikes than there were people in the crowd.

The Collections
Where last year, we had the great privilege of getting an up-close-and-personal view of Christer Christensson’s MC Collection as the auction’s main focus. This year we were treated to multiple collections, including pieces from, but not limited to: The Art Bulmann Motorcycle Collection, The Jesse Rooke Estate Collection, The Hamilton Triumph Collection, and two of the famed Indian Larry’s Personal Machines.

Mecum Gives Back
In addition to these perfectly curated collections, a new element has been added to the auction that I personally felt was very admirable and touching. This year, Mecum Auctions is working with Curing Kids Cancer. Each day a special item was auctioned off and the money gained from that particular item was immediately donated to the cause. I was so happy to hear that Mecum customers have helped raise over $6,000,000 for Curing Kids Cancer. On Tuesday the specialty item was a large neon-lit clock signed by the Mecum family that went for a cool $3,500 towards the fund.

Gallery Vibes
I have to admit, the two times I’ve been to these events the overall vibe is one-part auction, one-part motorcycle museum. I highly recommend checking it out if you’re in the area, even if you have no intention to buy. Although that can be dangerous! You could simply looky-loo to your moto-heart’s desire all Mecum-long; and I guarantee that you’ll see something you hadn’t noticed the day before.
Each year seems to bring along with it a trend. This particular auction I took note of a heavy military and traditional police bike influence. Along with large statement pieces, like a motorized rickshaw.

Minis on Parade
There was also an emphasis on minibikes that I feel the previous year was lacking. A whole gaggle of them had been grouped together in the display arena, and there was always a crowd around them throughout the day.
I also highly recommend taking a gander at the non-motorcycle items that Mecum has to offer down below the main showroom floor. You can find everything from vintage street signs and pre-50’s Bennett gas pumps, to a can of early 1930’s Harley-Davidson ‘Gunk’ motorcycle cleaner. Or my personal favorite find of the whole auction, a coin operated 1972 Indian MM5 Minibike Kiddie Ride.
There’s something here for everyone! And though my wallet probably can, I cannot wait for what next year’s auction will bring!

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