MDA Tub Run

BY “CHOPPER” Greg Powers

June 13th & 14th was a weekend to remember. The South-Central Wisconsin Hog Chapter outdid themselves once again organizing and running the 14th Annual MDA Tub Run. Friday (June 13th) 450 people showed up for the Poker Run greeted by great weather and sunshine.The stops were all local favorites, leaving Kutter Harley Davidson around 3:00p.m. and heading to the Cove, Broken Spokes Roadhouse, Hammy’s Roadhouse, Park Place, Deano’s and then back to “Home Base”(Threshermans Park) to be entertained by Catagory X.

Day two of the event once again brought sunny skies and with it 1280 Bikes and approximately 1800 people. We once again departed from Kutters and took a 30 mile back road romp to Clinton,WI.,which basically closes off all of its “downtown” streets for this part of the run. All of the local businesses & street vendors welcomed us with plenty of food and refreshments and live music on the main drag.

Once our thirst was well quenched, we headed to the big party at Thresherman’s Park in Edgerton,WI. The field events started soon after we arrived and continued despite the on and off rain.Then the skies opened up a short time later and most people ran for cover, but we made the best of it. People got soaked, but their spirits never dampened. Finally the storm broke and Mr. Big Stuff took the stage to rock us into the night.

Dave Alwin (MDA Tub-Run Committee Chairman) and his lovely wife Jeannine along with the South-Central Hog Chapter, Sonny Pabst, Lucy Anderson and the gang at Kutters Harley Davidson,114 generous corporate sponsors, the City of Janesville WI.the surrounding community,and all of the volunteers who put in their time and effort, TAKE A BOW…you’ve outdone yourselves again raising approximately $173,000 this year so far for MDA. Thanks for a great time had by all !!! We’ll see you all next year on Father’s Day Weekend.

A special Thanks to Hammy and his family for all they’ve done. Ride free Hammy…you will be missed greatly!

Keep yer Knees in the Breeze and the Rubber Side Down