May 2019 Shop Talk with Shannon Aikau and Ryan Evans

By Ryan Evans and Shannon Aikau

Photos & Video by Samantha M. Frontiera


This is the transcript of the May Count’s Kustoms video that is featured on

Shannon: Aloha everybody.  This is Shop Talk with Shannon and…

Ryan: Ryan.  How ya doing?

Shannon: Well I know everybody has trouble with this, right?  Seat pans.

Ryan: Yep.

Shannon: This is like the cake-topper.  The bride & groom on top.

Ryan: Most of the time, people have a hard time addressing making a seat pan; getting it off in one piece and making it hold up.

Shannon: They try to make it out of steel, wood…

Ryan: Steel works, wood works, fiberglass works.

Shannon: Fiberglass is the best!

Ryan: Fiberglass fits well, It’s form-fitted and it lasts forever.

No rust, no nothing.

Shannon: Contours to everything, but you’ve got to make sure you got the right battery that you’re going to use, and pretty much everything else you’re going to use underneath it.

Ryan: Wiring, battery, everything.  If there’s anything missing out of there once you pull the pan off it, now you’ve got a clearance issue.

Shannon: And you’ve got to make a new one. So that’s pretty much it man, it’s pretty simple.

Ryan: It’s our favorite way, it’s my favorite way. This is the best way to make a seat pan. You can make it literally as big or small as you want with the compound curves of the gas tank and the rear fender.  You don’t have to go through so much more work just to make a seat fit.

Shannon: Just make sure you have the right fender, battery box, the battery, the gas tank, so you have no clearance issues.  Because you want to make your clearances before he paints it again.  If he paints it and I don’t have the right clearance, he’s going to get mad at me.

Ryan: Make sure you’ve also got the body work and the primer on the sheet metal first, otherwise afterwards, the seat pan’s not going to fit again. But tape, tape, mask, plastic, tape, tape, mask, plastic. Do not be afraid to over-mask your bike, just to keep all the resin and fiberglass off of it.

Shannon: Yeah, that’s pretty much it. Have a great day.  Aloha.

Ryan: See ya!