March 2019 Shop Talk With Shannon Aikau and Ryan Evans

Video & photos by Samantha Frontiera

Shannon: What’s up everybody? Shannon from Count’s Kustoms.
Ryan: How’s everybody? It’s Ryan.
Shannon: And as you can see, we’ve got a few baggers going on right now. What is this? Extreme?
Ryan: We’ve got Extreme Stretch, but still very rideable. You know it doesn’t have a 30 inch or even bigger front wheel.
Shannon: Yes, it’s still rideable, that’s the way we look at it.
Ryan: Yes, exactly.
Shannon: (Over here) You’ve got your standard, just bolt-on the rear fender extensions. Nothing really crazy like the one we just showed you.
Ryan: That one’s raked (pointing to the first bike), this one is not raked (pointing to current bike).
Shannon: Yep. This one is actually getting a motor. So that’ll be cool. An S&S motor.
Ryan: There’s a gnarly motor in this one. This one (over here) is turbo-charged.
Shannon: Yep, 143” S&S motor with a Trask turbo kit, that we didn’t do, by the way. It was brought into us this way. So we will take any bike that you’ve been working on or whatnot and give your baby a new paint job.
Ryan: This gentleman is a badass. This is actually his second big turbo motor because the other one wasn’t big enough. He’s down in Texas and I’m very impressed with this guy. (chuckles)
Shannon: And then you’ve got stock “Glide”. We looked at two Street Glides and this is a Road Glide. What are you doing to this one?
Ryan: Each bike varies in the custom touches that we’re putting into it. This particular one, we’re doing what we call our signature series, Black Cherry. And in a lot of cases, we start a bike and the customer starts looking at other stuff that we’ve already done. Then they change the scheme of things, which is fine. At first he wanted subtle stuff, now he wants to knock people’s socks off.
Shannon: So he found another bag of cash.
Ryan: Yeah. (chuckles)
Shannon: See, that happens. So anyway, that’s what we’ve got going on this month, two months. Quick turnaround.
Ryan: We’ve got relatively stock, mildly stretched and then stretched.
Shannon: Alright. Well this is Shop Talk with Shannon and ..
Ryan: Ryan. Aloha. See you guys.