Light It Up Products of Arizona

While out riding or stopping off at bike nights, I often see bikes that have LED lights around the engine. I also see them on bikes that are in bike shows. Now I know my PEZ dispenser is no show bike, but I think those lights are cool! So I looked around for someone to transform my bike. That’s how I found Charlie Konen.

I did a little homework on Light It Up Arizona and found they carry the most brilliant LED lights on the market. I went for the lights because I thought they looked cool, but once on the bike I realized they have an additional safety factor of making you more visible at night. I am all for anything that will make other vehicles see me while I am cruising at night!!!

Charlie can do anything from the most basic engine kit or add on lights to your wheels for a brighter look. You can choose one color or multiple colors. There are seven to pick from.

One really cool thing is while you see your bike all lit up, you don’t actually see a single light bulb or any wiring. Charlie does a great job at hiding all of that. So all you get is a truly brilliant reflection off your chrome.

Charlie warranties the lights for as long as you own your bike. So if one of the bulbs burn out, just give him a call and he will fix it free of charge.

Charlie is out and about on the town lighting up bikes at bike nights and biker bars. Check out his web site at or call him directly at 623-536-9797.