Lawless Harley-Davidson Grand Opening Rock-n-Roll Party!

A History Making 3 Day Event!

Written By Diana Olmstead, Photos by Robin Hudson & Diana

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Lawless Harley-Davidson held a history making Grand Opening! It wasn’t just a one day celebratory bash; it went on for three solid days!

The dealership, located in Renton on East Valley Rd, had an overall turnout of 10,000 people between Friday July 11th and Sunday July 13th. This was quite a feat considering this was also the most jam packed event weekend of the entire year and the weather was scorching hot.

It was obvious that Lawless H-D had a great game plan for their Grand Opening – they made it a 3 day rock-n-roll party with a huge headlining band planned for Saturday night!

In addition to the great music they made sure that there were plenty of other things to capture the interest and attention of all who attended. There were raffles, giveaways, a t-shirt cannon, lots of great vendors, a tattoo artist offering free Lawless H-D tattoos and many more activities and fun that I’ll explain in more detail!

DSC_0098aAs soon as the QT Staff rolled into the Lawless parking lot we were blown away by this monstrous, concert sized stage that was set up in their parking lot! I’ve been to a lot of motorcycle events and I’ve seen thousands of stages and bands but this was beyond anything I’d seen before.

Dotting the outer perimeter of the parking lot were a dozen or so vendors selling their wares and explaining their products to the interested riders.

As we made our way inside the dealership we were greeted by a couple of chipper Lawless H-D staff members. Everything inside the shop was sparkling and impeccable in appearance. There wasn’t anything out of place, the bikes on the showroom floor were parked in perfect unison, the Motorclothes Dept looked fantastic, and we were all impressed with the huge variety of cool hip styles for both men and women to choose from. The Parts Dept was packed with mostly guys looking to personalize their scoots with all types of chrome or blacked out must-have parts. The Service Dept was slammed with riders asking questions about upgrades and scheduling service appointments… and Cathy Bacon the Lawless H-D Marketing Mgr and Tony Beyer, GM of Lawless H-D, were running non-stop all weekend keeping everyone on task.

On Friday, the kick-off to their 3 day event, they had two bands hit the stage. The first band, The Dirtbags played from 3-5pm and then the ever growing in popularity band Invasive rocked the crowd from 6-8pm. The dealership also provided a free barbecue to the hungry crowd from noon until 7pm.

On Saturday things really kicked into high gear; a mechanical bull located just outside the front doors of the dealership was a huge hit for kids of all ages. It was great watching them ride the bull; get thrown off yet eager to do it all over again! Then Hollywood B performed a charismatic stunt show that pleased everyone who crowded around to watch!

IMG_6255aAs I made my way towards the stage Tony Beyer, Lawless H-D GM, along with Bender from KISS FM, were presenting a large check to Children’s Hospital for $20,000 from Lawless H-D! Right on!

At noon the Highway 9 Band rocked the growing crowd until around 3pm. By now it was in the upper 90’s and finding shade was on the top of everyone’s list. Thankfully the City Hall Saloon who ran the beer garden came fully prepared with a couple of pop-up tents with water misters hung to keep their jam packed area nice and cool! Lawless H-D went above and beyond in being prepared for the intense heat by strategically placing several huge bins full of 14,000 complimentary bottles of ice cold ice water all throughout the dealership inside and out!

IMG_6396aAfter the band wrapped up playing to the crowd I headed back into the dealership to meet up with the 5 piece rock metal band, Invasive, for an interview. What a cool, humorous, down to earth group of guys! The band is based out of Spokane and they’ve all been playing music for many, many years. Invasive has been growing in popularity by leaps and bounds within the motorcycle scene; they’ve played their hard rock music at Cruisers Bar & Grill in Stateline, Idaho, as well as at Rosalia and several other biker establishments. These guys put on a heck of a show, check them out at

Around 5:30pm or so, Montreux jumped on stage and opened for the headlining band. They played a great selection of butt shakin’ classic hard rock covers to a crowd that was rapidly swelling in size!

IMG_6426aWhile Montreux was breaking down their equipment I made my way back stage to interview the biggest draw of the Lawless H-D Grand Opening Party, Queensryche! The band was doing a meet and greet with a handful of fans and then I was whisked off to the bands tour bus where things were a little calmer and quieter. Granted I did not get to interview the entire band but Michael Wilton, Queensryche guitarist and co-founder was gracious enough to take me to the back of the tour bus and do an interview with me. He was very cool and I appreciated the time he took to speak with me right before they were about to play to an insanely large crowd.

IMG_6584aAbout 9:15pm the crowd went absolutely nuts as Queensryche made their grand entrance onto the stage. It was a truly gorgeous night and the sunset created an amazing backdrop to the huge stage! This talented group of musicians rocked out in full force! They completely mesmerized the elbow to elbow crowd for about 2 solid hours playing hits like “Silent Lucidity”, “ Jet City Woman” and dozens more! All I can say is “Wow, it was unbelievable!”

Sunday morning, was a little more laid back as Lawless H-D began to wrap up their wildly successful Grand Opening Rock-n-Roll Party. In the afternoon The Cory Wilds Band played for a couple of hours and there was a free barbecue from noon to 5pm.

The Lawless H-D Grand Opening was one for the record books! Everyone had a kick ass good time!

I asked Tony Beyer, Lawless H-D GM and Cathy Bacon, Lawless H-D Events & Marketing Mgr if they would like to share anything with our readers regarding their Grand Opening and this what they had to say, “We would like to thank everyone that came out to celebrate the Grand Opening of Lawless H-D of Renton! All of us had a blast and we hope you all did too! We couldn’t have asked for better weather! A huge thank you to all the musicians and vendors, Ed Leclere and Brenda, our awesome HOG Chapter and Albert Lee Appliance for keeping the food coming nonstop all weekend and the City Hall Saloon for keeping everyone hydrated. We have many more fun events and rides planned in the future here at Lawless and we are all looking forward to seeing you in the dealership!! Please join us for our Free BBQ’s and Live Music every Saturday! Come by and experience the Lawless Lifestyle! We appreciate your friendship and Patronage! Thank you all again for celebrating with us!!”