Lansdale Bike Night

By Tracey “Gypsy” Kohman

Lansdale Bike Night in Lansdale Borough, PA was on my schedule for the first weekend in September. I hadn’t heard anything about it and didn’t expect it to be very big. I couldn’t have been more wrong! It was somewhat reminiscent of the summer I had gone to Daytona Beach. The whole town of Lansdale was a motorcycle parking lot. Not only was the main drag lined with bikes on both sides, but also each side street!

I got there early and the first vendor I came to was Strip Club Choppers. They are one of my favorites! I have visited their booth at a few other events and also shop them online. Billy and Renee were still getting set up, but I had promised to come back once they were. I was anxious to see what they had for sale.

Like Strip Club, most of the vendors were still setting up; so I took the time to look over the bikes, from an aerial lift! I put aside my fear of heights and up I went. I couldn’t see the end of where the bikes were parked, they just seemed to go on and on. Also, there were three stages with fifteen different bands scheduled to play throughout the day.

When my feet were on the ground again, I walked up the street on one side and down the other looking over each bike. It took at least an hour to look them all over. I happened across a Vincent, a British manufactured bike from 1928-1955. There was also a trike with its engine in the back. There was a Polaris and dirt bikes. There were non-motorized bicycles and several police bikes. Some were crafted into toddler rockers, like a rocking horse. There was almost everything you could imagine! You can find the video of my walk on our Facebook page.

I stopped by the booth that belonged to the Blue Comet MC, which sponsors the event every year. The Blue Comet MC is one of the oldest continuously operated AMA sanctioned motorcycle clubs in the country, located in Skippack Village in PA. Their membership is open to anyone.

They are well known in the community and host many public fundraisers. I enjoyed brief conversations with a couple of their members. I told them I looked forward to exploring what they are all about and was encouraged to email with any questions. And, of course, the VENDORS! (Is there anyone out there who doesn’t know I love the vendors?!)

Lots of vendors were selling shirts; some with logos, some with things I wouldn’t allow my children to wear (smile), and some I couldn’t wait to try on! There were a few vendors who were offering Halloween decorations and costume pieces. There was also an Indian Motorcycle dealer on hand, AMC, churches and apparel & accessories. There were various kinds of food from local vendors as well. I settled on pulled pork, and it was amazing!

It was beginning to get late, but I had promised to get back to Strip Club before leaving. I scored an amazing black and pink hoodie with their logo on it!

I enjoyed the ride back through PA to my New Jersey home, reflecting on my visit here. I look forward to attending more of Blue Comet MC’s events and learning more about them and their contributions to their community.