Ladies Who Ride: Cook’s Corner

Story and Photos by Pete Alva

You can count on a huge crowd for this show every time. I would say a record crowd this time for the Ladies Who Ride event for the parking lot was to the brim and spilling down the street, and all for a great cause and continuing proceeds for the Cordella Knott Wellness Foundation that helps raise awareness and funds for Breast Cancer from this particular ride. The Cordella Knott Wellness Foundation also is involved with the Bikers Against Cancer Ride, so we all appreciate the foundations help and support of those in need.

Whenever this Ladies Who Ride Event comes to town it seems to bring out the ‘character’ in people here at Cooks Corner. The best biker friendly bar in america here at Cooks had great runway material for those who were ready to strut, such as a Best Men’s and Womens Tattoo contest that gave $200.00 of ink art from Costa Mesa Tattoo. Also The Best Womens Bike got some free paint from Good ol Al and Danny Martinez’ Paint plus a bonus of a 5,000 mile service from Triple Threat Choppers.

Then all the uncouthness in the world broke out from the seemingly daytime full moon. Yes, the Miss Cooks Corner competitors wanted that crown and the Victoria Secret clothing to come with it, so these girls pulled out all the stops..and their uh..appendages. Per shame you filthy nasty girls! Last year’s winner Corina Tristan handed off her prize crown to the new winner Orlena (no last name available but with a name like Orlena, who needs a last name?). The Mister Hard Body contest winner was none other than Bandit the Biker Dog’s owner Mark Shaffer who buffed out the competition, which was fierce and well, just downright lewd! Oh the humanity!

In all it was a successful event and another milestone for Cook’s Corner, a bar and grill that really goes out of their way to help events raise funds on their premises for those in great need of medical services and support groups.

Right on Cook’s and right on Cordella Knott Wellness Foundation!!! Keep up the great work!