Ladies Who Ride At Cook’s Corner

By Tom Christian

Cancer is messing with the wrong people when the Ladies Who Ride start rolling in to Cook’s Corner on their bikes of all makes and models with one thing on their minds: to kick cancer’s ass. To hear the bikes come down Trabuco Canyon on Sunday, August 19th made the hair stand up on the back of your neck with pride for the gals who are standing up to help fight this enemy that is hurting and killing our mothers, sisters, daughters and other ladies in our lives. The bikes rolled in for hours coming from everywhere, and filled up most of the parking places around the front and the side of Cook’s Corner.

But although cancer was on everyone’s mind, that never stops the folks from having a damn good time while helping the cause, with lots of food and beverages both out back and inside. There was plenty of shade everywhere to get out of the heat of the sun. The crowd was very friendly while partying up a storm listening to the live band Typical Gypsy with a lot of people dancing.

All the riders enjoyed each other’s company as I was doing a few live videos and taking pictures. It was also great to visit with the Men of Fire Motorcycle Club that I met a few years earlier at a 9/11 event, who were here in support. As the day rolled on, Cook’s Corner was getting packed with people to enjoy this event. The crew at Cook’s Corner was doing a great job and had happy faces handling everyone’s food and drink orders.

Attendees enjoyed watching the models from Piston Clothing showing off their moves and seeing this line of clothing. The gals were having way too much fun knowing the crowd was eating it up, whistling and cheering them on. There was a wet tee shirt contest that cooled off some of the gals but also got the place a little hotter with excitement. The band kept the place jumping with lots of people out shakin’ their stuff, plenty of toe tapping and just good old-fashioned rock & roll.

Cook’s Corner manager Rhonda Palmeri had worked very hard to organize this event, raising money to help her sisters kick cancer’s ass. Lots of work went into making up the baskets of unique gift items to raffle off, bringing in donations to fight this horrible disease.

Raffles got started with the baskets containing some very nice items. A few bicycles were auctioned off now too. One bicycle was built by the husband of the eventual winner of the Miss Cook’s Corner contest, helping him feel like he was helping other ladies with this fight, so it was very personal to him.

Everybody had been waiting to watch the big headline feature, the Miss Cook’s Corner Contest! Yes I got up on stage shooting photos while this contest was happening; somebody had to do it. This contest rocked the house with fun from the crowd and all the contestants. Rhonda has the greatest sense of humor dealing with all the judging and contestants that won or lost and she made no bones about it.

Lisa Tunnel won $300 for first place becoming Miss Cook’s Corner, and is fighting breast cancer at this time, let’s all pray for the best for her. The bicycle auction had been exciting to watch; one auction winner now turned around and gave the bicycle back to be auctioned off again. It took a while to raffle off all the baskets of goodies, and then the Hard Body contest was on center stage for the ladies to enjoy, with male contestants doing their thing to show off to the crowd. Andres Cortez won $200 by dazzling the ladies with his well built body and ability to rapidly flex his muscles. The $500 poker high hand prize went to a woman rider named Carol aka “Red.”

Rhonda wants to thank and give a shout out to all the folks who helped make this event happen, including: Johnny Suede for donating 300 shirts to hand out, Piston Clothing, and KCP Enterprise for donating the prize money for the Miss Cook’s Corner and Hard Body contests. Lots of work went into getting this great event to happen and many folks put their time and money into it. Thanks to all who rode or drove out and enjoyed the fresh air at Cook’s Corner to help keep this fight alive. We all have someone in our lives that might need this help to fight cancer.