Kings Day Toy Run 2020

By Perry and Traci Nelson

Looking for a charity to help children who have next to nothing? Here is your chance. A coloring book, a set of jacks, a doll, or even an old bike you rarely use is gold to these kids. Word got out this year in this low income section of Puerto Penasco that the Three Kings were stopping by a local church. Presents for every child, young or old. The Three Kings this year were in the form of local motorcycle clubs, local businesses and Rally-goers from the 2019 Rocky Point Rally. Toys stored away, and brought by the day of, for the 2020 Kings Day Rally.

It is always an emotional day for everyone seeing the expressions on the children’s faces when they are receiving a toy, any toy; it seems it really doesn’t matter what kind of toy they get as long as they got one. Instantly most kids started playing with their gifts from the Three Kings. The motorcycle community did not let one kid down this 12th day of January, 2020.

This year was extra special because we had four bicycles and some more expensive gifts like remote control toy Jeeps and quads. The organizers auctioned these off after the line of close to 1,000 kids all got their smaller gifts…That’s right; about 1,000 of some of the sweetest, most well behaved, and grateful kids you could imagine.

We met a four-year-old deaf girl; she was playing with some oversized jacks, spinning them like tops. This little girl was having the time of her four-year-old life; such an exciting event for her. She flashed us an “I Love You” in sign language that could break an old biker’s heart. I know this because, feeling the struggles she must be going through, she broke mine.

Being a part of this event was a truly heartfelt experience from beginning to end. Traci and I will be here next year without a doubt.