June 2018 Shop Talk with Shannon Aikau & Ryan Evans

By Shannon Aikau & Ryan Evans
Photos by Ryan Tonry, Samantha M. Frontiera & Tom Christian


Ryan: Hey everybody, I’m Ryan Evans from Count’s Kustoms

Shannon: I’m Shannon Aikau and this is Shop Talk with Shannon and Ryan today.

Ryan: (staring at Shannon)

Shannon: What? It is ShopTalk.

Ryan: I know, I’ve never been part of ShopTalk….

Shannon: Me neither, it’s the first one.

Ryan: Laughlin River Run 2018. I had a blast myself. There were a ton of cool bikes and thousands of cool people. I had a blast.

Shannon: So did I– getting locked out on my balcony.

Ryan: That’s right, I came to the room and Shannon’s out on the balcony in his boxers. “What are you doing on the balcony?” He looks at the handle and I go to open the handle and it’s locked. Somehow he locked himself out on the balcony.

Shannon: That’s ok, my bad.

Shannon: Anyways, there were a lot of cool bikes out there. Sorry if your bike didn’t make the pick.
But one that stood out the most was that carbon fiber wheel bike. That thing was built to ride.

Ryan: Oh yeah, it was an FXR bagger that was just nuts. It had high-dollar motor, carbon fiber wheels,
high-dollar inverted forks.

Shannon: Hey, it’s not just about the money. The bike was put together very well.

Ryan: The thing was a monster and on top of that Pete Finland from Hot Dog Designs, the guy is one
of my biggest heroes, killed the paint job. I mean it was metal flake, candy, pinstripes, leafing all hold-
ing hands. It was front to back, top to bottom. The bike was awesome.

Shannon: So if you want to say the battle of the dollar. Yes, that bike actually won. But there was a cool bike out there that had some hand-made parts on it, actually a lot of bikes had hand-made parts, but that one bike in particular with all the wrought iron.

Ryan: Yeah, all the wrought iron stuff. He had these skulls, that he welded up skulls and then ground them into shape. It was nuts, the guy probably had thousands of hours in this bike.

Shannon: So don’t worry, you’ll get your chance. People appreciate it man. I know we appreciated it.

Ryan: Yeah we had a blast. There were baggers. This was not a baggers show, that was the cool thing. There were baggers there. There were bobbers. There was that one Jesse James, the HD Softail…

Shannon: Oh yeah a survivor.

Ryan: Beautiful green paint job, it was gorgeous. I wanted to take that one home.

Shannon: Nice. Sportys. A couple of cool Sportsters.

Ryan: Some gnarly Sportsters.

Shannon: The Army bike.

Ryan: The Army bike? The BMW Army bike?

Shannon: Yeah.

Ryan: I don’t know if it was a restoration or if it was accurate or not, but this thing was period correct BMW. This thing had every scratch, rust spot, it was perfect. The sheen on the sheet metal was this forties grey, It was like a gunmetal grey, but it was dark The thing had so much detail. So many things going on with it, and it was stock. The bikes back then were just detail ontop of detail. You didn’t just get on it, turn the key and go. You had to mess with this, push this and adjust this.

Shannon: You had to be pretty much a pilot.

Ryan: Yeah, you had to be a pilot and a mechanic.

Shannon: Well a bike pilot.

Ryan: And be able to ride the damn thing.

Shannon: Well yeah, Laughlin was a blast!

Ryan: Riverside Casino, I can’t say enough about them. They took care of us, very, very well.

Shannon: They need to fix that lock though…

Ryan: I don’t know how you managed to… The lock’s on the inside, how did you lock yourself out?

Shannon: Quick Throttle Magazine, thanks, that was awesome. And Laughlin, hopefully we’ll see you next year.

Ryan: Quick Throttle and Laughlin, you threw a hell of a party, you really did, and nobody went to jail.

Shannon: This guy, this guy– (pointing to Ryan)

Ryan: I didn’t.  Bye everybody!

Shannon: Aloha!