July 2018 Shop Talk with Shannon Aikau & Ryan Evans

By Shannon Aikau & Ryan Evans
Photos by Ryan Tonry & Samantha M. Frontiera



Shannon:  Aloha gang, Shop Talk with Shannon…

Ryan:  And Ryan.

Shannon:  And Ryan, I wasn’t going to exclude you.

Ryan:  I’m not worried about that.  What are we talking about?

Shannon:  This cool bike that we built.

Ryan:  Beautiful paint job, yeah that’s very cool.

Shannon:  A couple years back, we built this bike for… What was his name again? Do we build that many bikes? Who? You can say it.

Off Camera:  Paul

Shannon:  Paul Stawarz

Ryan:  Paul.

Shannon:  Isn’t that something.  Paul Stawarz, would you like to have that name?

Ryan:  No, but that’s OK, I’m sure Paul wears it well. The bike is beautiful.

Shannon:  Ryan went nuts on the paint job. We did some frame accents that I haven’t done in a long time.  Put these tips on the frame and I goosenecked it.

Ryan:  These guys down here.  I mean literally straight out of the seventies.

Shannon:  And not a bondo machine either.

Ryan:  No.

Shannon:  There’s a lot of steel involved in that and Ryan just lightly, just touched it up. It was awesome. Shovelhead motor.  Actually an Ultima shovelhead motor. I don’t know, I’d like to have it. It’s not too bad.

Ryan:  I think it came out beautiful.

Shannon:  Six speed transmission so you get that freeway drivability. Custom fishtails. Seventies style bike.

Ryan:  The exhaust helps make the bike. In this case, all day long on the exhaust.

Shannon:  Uh huh, gotcha.

Ryan:  This is right off the cover of Easyriders Magazine, circa 1970’s. Period.

Shannon:  I know you had mentioned something about the turn signals.

Ryan:  There’s only so much we can do with turn signals.  A bike has to have turn signals. And yes it has a wire showing … But still this would be it. This would be from Planet Mars in the 1970’s.

Shannon:  That is true.

Ryan:  This would be the epitome of who the hell built this and where did they get all this stuff.  This is it. Everything about this bike.

Shannon:  Definitely not a catalog.

Ryan:  No.

Shannon:  This isn’t one of those catalog things.

Ryan:  Not at all.  The paint job, one of the biggest problems and struggles I had with the paint job, is that all these colors don’t blend together pretty.  When they’re in the rainbow, you know in the color spectrum, they look great. But when you start mixing a green with a red, that’s when you start getting into this olive drab, ugly color. And fortunately, I got lucky.  Flat out luck, that all this blended together and no weird dark spots that are unsightly.

Shannon:  Did you go cross-eyed when you were painting this?

Ryan:  No dude, I was literally sweating buckets and keeping my fingers crossed.  I hope to God this blends right. These colors don’t blend together.

Shannon:  Well you killed it on the paint. Absolutely killed it on the paint.

Ryan:  The body shop ninjas killed it on the body work.  The bodywork is beautiful on this thing. That frame has no more bondo on it than is necessary and it looks like it’s molded plastic.

Shannon:  But it is not.

Ryan:  No, not at all.

Shannon:  Well back in the day the frames were bondo monsters.

Ryan:  Yeah, inches of bondo.

Shannon:  There’s no reason for that, they were sculptors back then.

Ryan:  By today’s standards, there’s no excuse, there’s no reason for it.  Back then, they didn’t have TIG welding. They didn’t have the metal shaping tools readily available to them. So you made do with bondo.

Shannon:  Well, a lot of this stuff was garage built too.  

Ryan:  That’s true.

Shannon:  You didn’t plan on any of that stuff.  You just glue this here and mold this up.

Ryan:  Exactly They were molding gas tanks on and you name it. Everything was bondo’d on.

Shannon:  Don’t look at that one behind you. Don’t look at that thing.

Ryan:  It was accurate for the day.  I don’t knock the gentleman who built it, at all.  He’s actually one of my heroes, but we know better now.

Shannon:  Anyway, this is Shop Talk with Ryan and Shannon.

Ryan:  Ryan and Shannon.

Shannon:  That’s how you say it first, isn’t it Ryan and I?  Or I and Ryan?

Ryan:  Whatever floats your boat.

Shannon:  Anyway gang, have a good week, a good day.  Aloha.

Ryan:  Tootles.


“Freebird” Specs

  • 93 ci Ultima shovelhead motor
  • 6 speed transmission
  • 18 over Sugar Bear #4 rocker
  • Goosed Santee frame with modified steel accents
  • 2 inch old school belt drive
  • Custom upswept fishtails
  • 18” rear, 21” front- DNA spoke rims
  • Stainless oil tank
  • Prism gas tank
  • PM foot and hand controls
  • PM brakes
  • Custom engraved seat- Duane Ballard

Please visit www.countskustoms.com for more info. Interested in a build? bikeprojects@countkustoms.com

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