January 2019 Shop Talk With Shannon Aikau and Ryan Evans

Photos by Ryan Tonry

Video by Samantha M. Frontiera

This is the transcript of the January Count’s Kustoms video that is featured on quickthrottle.com

Shannon: What’s going on gang?  This is Shop Talk with Shannon & Ryan.

Ryan: How’s everybody doing?

Shannon: I’m doing great, how about you?

Ryan: I’m doing uhm, you know other than a little head cold as usual.  I’m doing pretty good.

Shannon: Alright, well, so, you want to buy this bike?

Ryan: I wish I could.

Shannon: (Pointing at Margarita Bike giveaway flyer) Hey right here, here you go.  Just buy a Tattoo Tequila Margarita and you get [entered to win] a free bike.

Ryan: The Margarita Bike, that’s right!

Shannon: Yes, the Margarita Bike. So are you guys interested in a cool, brand new 2019?  Here it is– Tattoo Tequila.

Ryan: It’s mildly massaged, a little bit by Count’s Kustoms. A little custom paint, some custom parts here and there.

Shannon: What do you mean, “mildly-massaged?”  What do you mean “mildly?”

Ryan: Alright, it’s a cool bike. (chuckling)  It really is.

Shannon: A brand-new 2019 Harley-Davidson Road Glide.  114 cubic inch motor.  This is just one of the things you can do with the bike. There are many other things.  You like those handlebars?

Ryan: (sitting on the bike and turning the front wheel back and forth) I like everything about this bike.  I’ve never been a big bagger rider.  Like I appreciate them.  But as far as me being on a bagger, it’s not really me. But the seat we put on this thing!

Shannon: Why is it just the seat? What about the paint job you put on this thing?

Ryan: Look at this seat!

Shannon: I know.

Ryan: That cushions your tushy, and your back and everything.  And it doesn’t look like a bagger seat.  It doesn’t look like you got a Davenport.

Shannon: That’s a bolt-on seat.  Off the shelf, put on the bike, seat from Drag Specialties.

Ryan: Dude, we need to have a whole shelf of those seats.

Shannon: But Rockford Fosgate, did you see the stereo on this thing?

Ryan: I did.  Ghetto Bob did a Rockford Fosgate stereo on this thing.

Shannon: Bobby hooked it up!

Ryan: Man, talk about “hold your ears.”

Shannon: I mean from the bars to the seat to the paint to the stereo.

Ryan: Exhaust…

Shannon: Exhaust, not full exhaust, just slip-ons.

Ryan: Intake, stereo…

Shannon: Oh yeah.

Ryan: Seat…

Shannon: The intake’s cool.  You gotta see this intake.  That’s Ryan dabbling in his uhm, is that sand-blasting? Is that what you did? Sand-blasted our cross in there? Count’s logo.

Ryan: We did that on Twinkle-Toes and we’ve done it on our stainless steel oil tanks, so why not?

Shannon: Alright, well this is Shop Talk with Ryan & Shannon.  Happy Holidays guys.

Ryan: I can’t believe this is a stock Harley-Davidson.

Shannon: That was the ending of the story.  Have a good day.  Aloha.

Ryan: See you guys!