Is This The Real Santa?

Pics By Mike Steele

Santa Eloyd brings toys and joy, and leaves “forever memories”. Since accepting his Santa clause, Santa has brought joy to thousands of children, who love to pull on his snow white beard to see if it’s truly real. Santa Eloyd will be meeting hundreds of girls and boys at South Coast Plaza this year, just as he did last year. He also loves visiting with them at private parties and corporate, or other, events. Some of his favorite events are the ones he does for charitable organizations, such as the Mariposa Foundation which holds parties for children with cancer, and their families, and Snowball Express which hosts events for children who have lost one, or even both, parents to the Iraq war. It’s wonderful to bring such joy to so many children.

His custom-designed Santa suit is made by a leading Hollywood costume maker, Adele’s of Hollywood. She makes him a full complement of beautiful clothes for all occasions, from summer casual to the full Santa regalia. Santa is always dressed beautifully for every occasion.

But when the Holiday season is over, THIS is what Santa likes to do, while he leaves the reindeer out grazing: He rides a different sort of sled, one that requires gasoline instead of grass or hay, a 2007 FLH. And of course, as you can see, it’s his favorite color, RED. Santa vacations in Southern California, and you might see him along some of his favorite highways and byways. He enjoys riding along the Ortega Hwy and Santiago Canyon, and taking trips to Temecula. Some of the best rides include a stop in Julian for some fresh apple pie. He looks forward to an occasional cruise up PCH to Santa Barbara, Big Sur and beyond. He’s even been known to travel to Monterey and back in a day, just to sample some of their famous clam chowder. You might have seen him on the Three Flags Classic ride between Mexico and Canada for the last three years in a row. Long distance riding is Santa’s favorite kind of riding, out on the highways and back roads, with nothing but open road for miles and miles. Look for Santa while you’re out and about. Or you can find him at Remember he knows who’s naughty or nice and he says, “Keep the rubber side down! Ho, Ho Ho…..”