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MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. — July 28, 2015 — Indian Motorcycle announced their “new models” for 2016 today, but the rumor mill got it wrong – there really were no new models, aside from a welcomed ABS version of the Scout.

There were however some killer new paint schemes introduced, to a line of bikes that was already fairly “complete.”

Add to that, a “Never-Ending Summer Event” – which actually ends September 30th – a great promotion which features a return to the competition-busting 5-year warranty, AND $1,500 in credit for accessories or apparel! However this promotion covers only the Chief Vintage or Chieftain, while the Scout gets a 2-year warranty.

We’re excited about the new paint, and the new Scout ABS model specifically, which comes only in the new “Indian Motorcycle Red”. The premium for this paint is $300 and the ABS Scout itself sells for $11,999.

The new Chief Classic comes in Pearl White, which we think is a brilliant move, because many of the buyers for the “everything blacked-out” bike will eagerly buy the Dark Horse (favorably reviewed in QT, June edition). The pure white gives the basic Chief a whole new look, and should be a popular alternative to the, well, very-popular black V-Twins.

Now as for the Chief Vintage in “Willow Green and Ivory Cream,” oh my God…it’s stunning. Our Editor saw one on the floor last week and almost wrote a bad check for it…


The Chieftain also has some stellar new paint schemes – and for a dresser is certainly going to turn some heads. The “Springfield Blue and Ivory Cream” is our favorite…

If you’re adventurous enough to be braving the million-man Sturgis event this summer, you’ll be able to see the new line-up right there in town or you can check them out on