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After setting a blistering pace bringing six all new models to market over the past two years, Indian for 2016 is a year of refinement, improvement and adjustment. Indian has increased its efforts to give the American V-Twin rider clearer choices and more options in what we see as a more focused line-up with greater price flexibility. Added to a wider range of accessories, it will allow the buyer to step into an all new 2016 motorcycle specifically designed to fit their individual needs. The final product will be more cost effective by eliminating some standard equipment the buyer may not want on entry level motorcycles.

At the same time that Indian announced its 2016 offerings, Polaris CEO, Scott Wine, announced that, on the advice of outside consultants, Indian would be building a $41 Million dollar state of the art painting facility that will dramatically improve paint quality and will virtually eliminate the log jam that has repeatedly delayed Indian from catching up on its growing back order situation. In the face of cutbacks and savings all over the industry, this was big news and was applauded by both dealers and buyers. Wine went on to say that it would also allow them to be very creative with future paint offerings for both Indian and Victory.

INDIAN - scout-wildfire-redSCOUT: From its introduction in mid 2014 thru its new model, this has been the most reviewed bike of the past several years, and we suspect, Indians best seller.

Lean, powerful, agile and comfortable its “buy me now price” and its good looks have made this a favorite for all types and sizes of riders. Now for 2016, Indian has added a new Scout model with ABS brakes in the traditional Indian red color which makes a great bike even better. The base model has four color choices and stays at $10,999, while the new ABS model goes for $11,999. With both Indian and the after market bringing accessories to market on an almost weekly basis, buyers have the ability to totally customize this model and make it their own.

INDIAN chief-dark-horse-thunder-black-smokeCHIEF – DARK HORSE: Since this model was introduced late in 2014, as a 2016 model it will continue in the line unchanged at the entry level position for the Chief models at $16,999. That price point, along with its mean-looking flat black styling and the powerful T-111 Indian motor, has turned this model into a very strong seller. Indian has added dozens of new accessories done in matching flat black to create additional customizing opportunities for buyers.

INDIAN CHIEF WH_RIDERCHIEF “WHITE HORSE”: The basic Chief also continues on, but with a twist for 2016. It will only be available in a brilliant polar white, essentially creating a fraternal twin to the Dark Horse.  This year the Chief gets solid wheels, loses its passing lamps, oil cooler and some chrome and comes out of the barn very bare bones. The good news is that the price drops to $17,999 saving the rider a thousand bucks. The major difference between the Dark Horse and the White Horse is that it keeps its chrome nacelle, chrome forks and some chrome highlights like the horn and air cleaner accounting for the $1,000.00 difference in price.

INDIAN chief-vintage-star-silver-thunder-blackCHIEF VINTAGE: Although Indian does not discuss their sales figures, I would think this is the best selling model in the Chief line-up based on its overall value, traditional style and a host of paint colors, options and accessories. Although it’s four thousand dollars more than the Dark Horse and three thousand more than the basic Chief in white, its standard equipment includes laced wheels, oil cooler, full chrome, passenger seat & pegs, full detachable windshield, full detachable saddle bags and white wall tires. Price all of that from Indian’s option list or the aftermarket and you’ll easily burn up more than the 4 K you save on the other models. You also get a wide choice of colors including two-tone options. If it’s a loaded street bike you want with touring capabilities, than this is your model. No mechanical changes for 2016, but you have several paint color options and combinations and it’s powered by the same great T-111 Thunderstroke motor that’s standard for the entire Indian line with the exception of the Scout. Single color Vintage is $20,999 while the two-tone rolls out at $21,999.

CHIEFTAIN: Powered by the award winning T-111 Thunderstroke motor, the new 2016 Chieftain with integrated fairing, electric windscreen, state of the art electronics and audio system, rides into the new model year in exciting new paint schemes, but virtually unchanged from its 2015 predecessor. New paint schemes include Silver Smoke, Thunder Black, Indian Motorcycle Red or Star Silver over Thunder Black. Prices start at $22,999.

INDIAN roadmaster-blue-diamondROAD MASTER: Indian’s top of the line luxury touring bike features almost 38 gallons of premium storage, ABS brakes, premium audio system, full on board electronics and monitoring system, cruise control, keyless ignition, remote locking storage, and advanced Blu-tooth capability swathed in exciting new color choices for 2016, including Blue Diamond, Storm Gray over Thunder Black, Springfield Blue over Cream, Indian Red over Cream and Thunder Black. Prices start at $27,999.

NEW ACCESSORIES: For 2016, Indian has dramatically stepped up its accessory offerings for its entire product line with an emphasis on high end audio speaker saddlebag lids color matched to all the newest Indian colors, plus a variety of appearance and convenience items.

You can see the entire motorcycle and accessory line-up for 2016 at the factory website: or at any local dealership, with new bikes beginning to roll into their shops, as we go to print.

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