Indian of Auburn: Grand Opening Demo Days

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This past October 10th, 11th and 12th were big days for the newly opened “Indian of Auburn” store on West Valley Highway just off I-18 in Auburn. The new shop combined its Grand Opening Celebration with a very timely visit from the Indian factory demo truck, which was packed to the rafters with all the new 2015 Indian models including the ground breaking new Scout model. The Scout, along with the all new Roadmaster touring bike and updated Chiefs, Vintages and Chieftains were available for local demo rides and the sign-ups began even before the shop opened early on the 10th.

IMG_0655Driven by lots of buzz and strong early reviews, the sign-ups to test ride the Scout were 4 to1 over requests to ride the other Indian models, which were also very busy. With an excellent turn out early on Friday the demo area was busy all day until the last group went out right around the cut off at 4PM. While weather on Saturday and the Seahawks-Dallas game on Sunday had an impact, overall attendance and demo rides made it the busiest event ever at the combined facility, according to owner, Ron Orr. As the curtain dropped on the three day event, 317 Demo Rides had been taken, 5 New Indians had been sold and total pre-orders on the all new, (under $11K )Scout hit 28. These bikes will be delivered in December when the Scout goes into full production. According to General Manager Spike Addis, most of these came from customers who placed their orders as soon as it was announced based on so many positive reviews. The new Roadmaster touring bike also got a great deal of attention and was #2 in Demo ride requests.

IMG_0656Special “Grand Opening” deals were in place and sales were brisk as riders took advantage of the opportunity to get a $500.00 credit towards the purchase of accessories and apparel to go along with their new bike. There were also some great deals on the few left over 2014 models that shared the new sales floor with the 2015 bikes. The very large open floor plan covers some 12,000 square feet allows the new facility to share floor space with the other popular Polaris brand, Victory Motorcycles, as well as feature a wide array of accessories and motor clothes for both brands without anything being crowded in. The new building is across the driveway from the main building that has housed Hinshaw’s Motorcycle store for many years. The combined parking area was more than enough to include the striking and attention getting Indian factory big rig, as well as plenty of space for the event’s customers to park all manner of bikes and vehicles. Easy in, easy out access to West Valley Highway and nearby I-18 make this an ideal setting for the new shop.

IMG_0652Both customers as well as staff really seemed to enjoy the opportunity to get “hands on” as many different models as they had time to ride. In fact many riders took out several bikes and some twice before zeroing in on what they wanted. This is what makes demo ride programs so popular and so effective. You can read all the reviews you want, sit on bike after bike but nothing even comes close to a good test ride under real world conditions to separate the bike from the hype! I have always said that there is no such thing as “The Best Bike” but there certainly is a bike that’s best for YOU and demo events like this help you find that one perfect bike for you. If you missed this event, not too worry since you can always stop by the new shop and they will set you up with your own personal “demo” ride. Auburn Indian will also be participating in the upcoming IMS at the Seattle Convention Center taking place on November 21st thru the 23rd.



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