Hugo’s 4 Corners for the Troops Ride

Thanks for the info, Woody, S/W Iowa Ride Captain with the Patriot Guard Riders (712) 621-0365.

The Iowa Patriot Guard Riders and a few others participated in an organized escort through Iowa on April 28 and 29 for Hugo Reese, a Senior Ride Captain for the Patriot Guard Riders of Indiana.

On Sunday, April 29, the Western Iowa Escort & Southwest Iowa PGR, met at 7am at “The Freedom Rock” on Hwy 92 about 10 miles North of Greenfield, IA for a photo opportunity and conversation with “Bubba” the artist of the huge granite boulder. As stated on one site “The boulder had been a magnet for graffiti for many years until 1999 when Ray “Bubba” Sorensen painted all four sides in a patriotic theme. Each year since, for Memorial Day he paints another patriotic scene over the entire rock. Despite the use of the Rock as a graffiti pad in the past, Bubba’s scenes have been unsullied (with a single exception in 2001). It is rumored that the vandal then repeatedly beat a Viet Nam vet’s fist with his nose, discouraging further such experiments.” You can see and learn more about The Freedom Rock at or On-A-Rock.htm

After a short briefing and line organization the group proceeded in formation to Council Bluffs via I80. At that point the Iowa PGR ended their state escort and returned back to Greenfield for food and drinks, games, and bowling with family and friends.

The following is an email sent to Woody regarding the patriotic ride:

Hello, my name is Hugo and I am a Senior Ride Captain in Indiana for the Patriot Guard Riders ( On Saturday, April 28th, 2007, I will be leaving at 0900 hrs. from Freedom Cycle ( in South Bend, IN, to ride my 1999 Harley Ultra Classic on this 4 Corners Ride that is put together by the Southern California Motorcycling Association.

This ride will take me to the 4 corners of the continental United States and has to be completed within 21 days. The 4 corners (or official checkpoints) are: 1. San Ysidro, California; 2, Blaine, Washington; 3, Madawaska, Maine; 4, Key West, Florida. My 1st “corner” will be in Blaine, Washington and will conclude in Madawaska, Maine. The complete ride is approx. 11,000 miles total. On the way home from Maine, I am planning on attending the ceremonies conducted in Washington, DC for our Fallen Heroes on Memorial Day and riding home to Indiana with my fellow Brothers and Sisters of the PGR and others. I am hoping to return to Freedom Cycle on Tuesday, May 29th.

Going along with me on this “mission” will be Terry McCray – a PGR Ride Captain who is also the Captain of Field Support here in Indiana. He is a Gold Star father whose son was the first one killed from Indiana back in 2003. He will not be riding – however he will be driving a black Chevy pick-up truck and pulling a black enclosed trailer that is clearly marked Patriot Guard Riders in gold letters on both sides and the back. This trailer is a rolling Memorial to our Fallen Heroes, our veterans and their supporters. Friends that we meet along the way are encouraged to sign the trailer in support of our troops. Some of his duties on this mission will be the same duties that he does in an outstanding manner on a regular basis here in Indiana. He will be available to talk to groups and/or individuals along the way (as time permits), handle any support functions, and answer any of the media’s requests. The trailer will only be used for identifying who we are, carry some supplies, and possibly to sleep in on occasion. At NO time will it be used to carry my bike unless an absolute emergency arises.

What makes this ride different is the fact that – according to the SCMA, I will be the first one to fly a 3×5′ American flag behind my bike for the entire distance around the USA. I am doing this to show support for our troops who are currently serving and for all of our veterans nationwide. We would also like to raise awareness for the PGR and show America that we really do care and that we fully support our troops. We will also do our best to attend any PGR missions (funerals for our Fallen Heroes) that we can work into our schedule along the way. We fully intend to fund this entire mission out of our own pockets, however we would graciously accept any support that anyone can give beforehand or along the route i.e.; meals, gas, lodging, friendships etc. for us. We would also encourage any groups or individuals to ride with us at any time and/or escort us through towns, etc. Potential media coverage would keep the public informed as to our purpose and provide location updates.

Terry will have a laptop computer with him in the truck for anyone wishing to contact us via e-mail as well as keeping the general PGR membership informed via the National site. Anyone can also go to anytime after April 28th to get pictures of my bike and Terry’s trailer (so you’ll recognize us on the road) plus additional information about the PGR or to get updates concerning our mission and our whereabouts during the ride and where we expect to be in the days/hours ahead. We will also have our cell phone numbers made available on the site for this event.

This will NOT be a leisurely ride. In fact, it is very demanding. However, considering what our veterans have done and are still doing for us, we feel privileged to do this in their honor. If you or your group would like to make a contribution or do a fundraiser to help support our troops, we would be grateful. All of the funds raised will be donated to the Patriot Guard Riders and used to support our troops in various ways. Please contact us directly to answer any questions or concerns. If you would like us to come to a meeting to talk to your group, we would welcome the chance to do so. Please make checks payable to: Patriot Guard Riders and mail to Hugo’s address below.

Thank you!


Hugo Reese • 1-866-581-8733 (toll free) 15823 Michigan Rd. • Argos, IN  46501

Terry McCray • 574-699-7363 3620 W. St. Rd. 18 • Kokomo, IN  46901