The Hollister Rally: Back with a Vengeance

The 2014 Hollister Independence Day Rally was back this year with a vengeance ! On Thursday, July 3rd the bikers began rolling in. Special thanks to the major rally promoters Mark and Yvonne of Worldwide Dynamics, and their local sharpshooter Jorge Briones. They brought the bikers back to Hollister again, and it totally rocked ! Literally !

Some awesome Tribute Bands, and some original rock acts were playing all over town, and people were partying everywhere. It was obvious that many came early to have a great time.

At the historic Johnny’s Bar – the BFC Full Throttle Band was tearing it up with their mix of classic rock, metal, and blues. People were dancing and be-bopping all over the place. The FT Band dedicated a song to the legendary “Booze Fighters M/C”. The Booze Fighters have been a part of Hollister’s unique history since 1946 ! The FT Band also called Johnny’s owner Charisse Tyson and dedicated “Johnny B. Goode” to her. The band rocked from afternoon to evening.

The next morning local churches had pancake breakfasts, and people were riding all over the area. A large party was happening at Corbins Seat Factory. Mike Corbin is always a gracious host. He invited lots of vendors of all sorts. American Biker legend “Sonny Barger” was there signing DVD’s of his new movie, based on his book “Dead in Five Heartbeats”. Sonny’s movie is destined to be a cult biker classic. It is an independent film, with a lot of action… and yeah rated “R” folks. We enjoyed getting some love and pics with Sonny and Mike. Then we all were drooling – as we saw Mike’s beautiful new Indian Chieftan w/Corbin seats and a custom Corbins Tour Pack. Mike said he might part with it, and I gotta admit I was really tempted to wipe the small “Z” family bank accounts out, but Esther spoke me back to reality before I pulled the trigger! Ya gotta have enough to pay the mortgage baby ! We caught some of the other bands live, and many of them were “really good”… It was an honor to share the stage with them.

On Friday Night, July 4th me and the gang from the BFC Full Throttle Band had the amazing pleasure of playing a Main Stage at 4th and San Benito St. – downtown!

We hit the stage and we were fired up and ready. Chris (our drummer) and his wife Heidi rode all the way from Oklahoma (talk about dedication)! CD from QT joined us on some tunes with some great lead vocals, and brother Dan blew a mean blues harp. The crowd really enjoyed the band – and some were dancing and bopping to the tunes. We ripped through our songs – and I shared a bit from my heart at the end.

On Saturday we rode around some more, and went to check out one of “Hottest Bands in the place”. “Steel Horse” is an absolutely amazing Bon Jovi tribute band. They played every Bon Jovi favorite and the guys literally “nailed down” every song they played. Lead singer Jorge Briones sounds very similar to Jon Bon Jovi, and his band backed him up to a tee ! They already had a large crowd, and we added a pile of BFC members to the mix. “Steel Horse” was definitely a crowd favorite that weekend. They played 2 or 3 shows throughout the w/end. Again Big Sounds from a Great Band.

The FTB had a late afternoon show back at the stage at 4th St. and San Benito. By this time the town was totally overflowing with bikers. The crowd was incredible. CD and Dan joined us again… and even Jorge from Steel Horse hopped up for a few songs. Even Sweet Lisa, CD’s lady and co-editor of QT hopped up to sing back-up with us on Saturday. The crowd had swelled to about 2,500 or 3,000… It was an incredible gig. From what we heard later – WE KILLED IT ! I shared that everyone on our stage rode a Harley, that we loved America, and we loved God… And once again the crowd went ballistic.

On Sunday we had the pleasure of sharing music and ministry at Hollister 1st Presbyterian. They are such gracious hosts – we love you all ! Many of the church families adopted BFC members for the weekend. Those who shared their hearts and their homes, became forever friends with their leather-clad guests. As the weekend came to a close we were all so thankful to be part of a great Hollister Rally weekend once again. Until next year my friends.