Heatstroke 2008


Heatstroke 2007 was a blast, except for one thing – it was held at around 1:00 pm in the afternoon in June of 2007 and as I recall the radiation of heat coming from the race track was 158 degrees with little or no wind. Now as I recall again with Heatstroke kicking in it was a great show with a few vendors and a great band but again it was so damn hot it all fades in and out. Now moving ahead to real time 2008.

This year’s Heatstroke event was to be started at 4:00 pm with the racing to start at 6:30 pm. Oh yes a little relief.

Getting there early you could tell it was going to be a hit. Vendors were set up doing a good share of business and even though it was warm and the refreshment line was a few deep it was moving fast. Getting a pit pass to get real up and close to the riders and also the drag cars was a special treat which I have to thank Frog for. The Huns M.C. had put a lot of work into this and you could tell it was going to be worth it. I had the pleasure of meeting Brother Dan from the Huns M.C. we were both at the starting line taking pictures and comparing shots it was loud and thrilling to watch the novice and professionals take to the track and blast down the quarter mile. All proceeds went to the great cause of The American Diabetes Association and it was a blast to be a part of this great event. But to better sum it up below is the input from Brother Dan:

HEATSTROKE, A WINNER By Brother Dan — The Huns M.C.

It takes more than luck to hold one of the biggest drag race events in Arizona, it take a lot of sweat and work. More than 1,000 spectators and two hundred racers showed up to watch some of the fastest cars in two categories, electronic and non-electronic participate along with some of the quickest motorcycles, and a few vehicles no one could identify, racing side by side to vie for the quickest time on the track. Putting this annual event together to benefit the American Diabetes Association was a nine-month effort by The Huns Motorcycle Club, Tucson Chapter which was chaired by a Hun known as Frog, a member who has the vision to make this event one of the premiere drag race events in Arizona. With help from The Huns Chapters from Sierra Vista; Alamogordo, New Mexico; and Mammoth and the staff of Southwestern International Raceway the public was entertained with a multitude of venders selling everything from tee shirts to teddies, from electronic gadgets to food.


The Hells Angels, Tucson Crew; The Cochise Riders MC; The Loners MC, Show Riders MC, Medieval Maidens, Central Valley I, Sober Riders MC, Stone Sober MC, Riders of the Fire MC, Hawg Riding Fools, MC, Southern Arizona Harley Riders MC, Yaqui Warriors MC, American Legion Riders, Loose Cannons MC, MMA, and of course The Huns MC, and many independent riders.

The drags opened its doors a 4 pm just when the sun was heading over the mountains and the temperature started to drop down to a bearable 85 degrees. At about 8 pm a summer storm, better known as a monsoon, hit and although the race fans where spared rain, the winds hit up to 50 mph. Even though there was a delay in the racing, the fans were entertained by two bands, Dirtnap and Wound 2 Tight, until the wind subsided at 10pm and the racing continued.


Motorcycle Class Winner — Jake Burris Runner up — Dana Thompson Car (Electronic) Winner — Allen Smith Runner up — Ken Bolle Car (Non-Electric) Winner — Joe Kidd Runner up — Matt Hawk
The winner of the Motorcycle Class also won a tool box and a set of tires. Each of the winners in all classes each won $1,000 in cash, with the runners up each winning $400 in cash. The total cash prize winnings were $6,000. Leftover, the President of The Huns, MC wants to thank all of the sponsors and vendors who made this benefit for the American Diabetes Association a success and invites you come out to Southwestern International Raceway next year and join in the fun as a spectator or racer.

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