Harley-Davidson Nightster

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Harley-Davidson has rapidly recognized the fact that lots of women want to ride their own. Not only do they want to ride their own but they want a ride bikes that look cool and feel awesome. One of the solutions to “I am a petite girl and not sure I am ready for a big bike” is definitely the Nightster.

The Nightster is a blacked out Sportster 1200. It is probably the perfect bike for anyone just starting out in the motorcycle lifestyle and not sure what you really want. There are a handful of features that I love about this bike, like the decadent dark look to it. More than just having a mysterious look, I liked the fact that after a hard day of riding, I wasn’t going to have to polish all that chrome before I got busy taking the kids to soccer, calling my mother and making dinner plans for the family.

Another very nice thing about the Nightster is the price range for getting started. With an MSRP under ten grand, it makes it easy to add on a few accessories without breaking the bank.

Now since most reading this are girls who don’t give a hoot about engine and torque, I am going to be brief with it. With about 73 pounds of torque and a fuel injection system on this 1200 cc engine, this bike is a pure joy to fire up. Not only that but it gets over 50 mpg and permission for the HOV lane. Just turn the key, hit the on button, wait for the light to go off and wham, you are on your way; with power that won’t disappoint.

I’d like to tell you, it is important to take a great bike to a higher level by personalizing it. By taking signature design elements that have stood the test of time in a new direction with this bike you will be able to reflect your own personality and make this bike fit you. I wholeheartedly would recommend some simple stuff to start with. A windshield is a must for me. Some of you can handle the wind ripping through your hair, but I prefer a slower pace of feeling the breeze on my skin. Another would definitely either be highway pegs or forward controls. Sitting upright for that long on a highway ride gave me cramps in my hips. Maybe that’s just old age. Another thing I always recommend is an engine guard. While I did not need it on this trip, the one on my sporty has gotten it’s money’s worth. The last thing I would like to recommend is to spend about 15 minutes just sitting in the saddle. The stock seat isn’t so comfy. A little hard. Maybe great for bar hopping but I really hope you turn miles on this machine. So make sure you can spend hours in her saddle.

Since Harley-Davidson is putting so much marketing effort in to getting girls on their own, this bike truly gets the job done. There is nothing like being empowered by a motorcycle, just being in control of any bike. But when that bike delivers style, agility, sleekness and power, the sense of ultimate freedom, you must know they did a good job.

Check out your local Harley-Davidson dealer and see why they are blowing them out faster than they can sign the freight bill.