Halley Accessories reclaims unique vintage BMW R headlights to launch a limited edition floor lamp, the Halley R-Lamp

Inspired by vintage motorcycle imagery and the brand’s drive to innovate in a sustainable way, Halley Accessories is launching a limited-edition floor lamp, called the Halley R-Lamp, its latest addition to the brand’s growing family of home accessories for the two-wheel passionate.

Using reclaimed vintage BMW headlights from the German brand’s classic R series, the Halley R-Lamp features a sleek stainless steel body and a Nero Marquina marble base -carefully thought-out and crafted to adapt to each headlight- resulting in a very special series where no two lamps are the same.

While the backside of each headlight has been restored and painted as new, the chrome rings have been kept as found, as a constant reminder of their long, restless life lighting up the roads ahead – but also, in an attempt to celebrate and enjoy the passage of time and its signs.

In the same fashion as with their flagship products -the Halley Helmet Rack and Stand, Halley Accessories has kept a “less is more” approach to design processes, coining a very recognizable and cohesive aesthetic, aligned with the brand’s values and sources of inspiration.

Halley is a Barcelona-based, home accessories brand for those passionate about two-wheel motion and all things motorcycle. The brand’s mantra is simple: our love for motorcycles isn’t restricted to the road, so give your helmet the place it deserves in your home.

With a consistent imagery – backed by a well-curated Instagram feed – and a strong commitment to both quality materials and local manufacturing, Halley Accessories is revving up its presence in the motorcycle accessories market with a clear vision and an innovative product guaranteed to put an end to helmet storage problems. The R-Lamp is now available at http://www.halleyaccessories.com.

For more information, please visit our website http://www.halleyaccessories.com .
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About Halley Accessories

Halley was born out of the willingness to translate our passion for motorbikes into polished, well-crafted objects for the home. Deeply influenced by clever, yet approachable design and a lifestyle-based understanding of motorbike riding, we founded Halley Accessories for those who, like us, believe the journey continues off the road.

Our commitment to local production and a minimalistic, detail-driven approach to design are key to our project. From our studio in Barcelona, we make sure materials and manufacturing are met with the highest standards of quality, durability and honesty to offer carefully crafted, built-to-last products that go beyond function and aesthetics to suit your personal style.

Halley speaks to the unwavering rider, who embodies tenacity and freedom on and off the road; to those with a taste for clean, utility-orientated design and appreciation for great craftsmanship. We’re thrilled to start this journey together – we hope you enjoy the ride.