Girls Night Out

By Linda “Dollar-Bill” Dahl

When the temperatures here in the Valley of the Sun (aka Valley of Hell) exceed the minimum heat requirement to kill the e-coli bacteria, it’s hard to pull my little PEZ dispenser out of the garage and fire her up for spin around the block much less across town for some decent mileage. But, I still want to be around motorcycles and my 2 wheelin’ friends. So, I look hard for events that will allow me the chance to do just that, only in the comfort of air conditioning.

When I saw the announcement from Hacienda Harley-Davidson about a “Girls Night Out Fashion Show,” I knew that it was going to be more like “Girls Gone Wild with motorcycle stuff.” So I grabbed my cell phone and called my buddy list and said “Meet me at Hacienda!!”

There were cocktails, hot men carrying around trays of hor d’oeuvres, shots of “magic juice” being offered by Tom (everyone knows Tom at Hacienda and if you don’t you should), raffle prizes and some really cool shopping to be done.

The runway was set up and a fashion show was about to begin. The first group of guys were pretty tame, albeit hotties, but dressed in your typical tight jeans and H.D. shirts and boots. A nice look for a well-chiseled man, I must admit, but not what I was really hoping to see! Does Harley make a speedo??? I should have just been patient, because it did not take long for the shirts to come off! WOW – hot men in tight jeans with NO shirt.

Now that’s nice!! While I thought I might need to be hosed down, the girls lining the stage with dollar bills ready to stuff into the waste band of the guys were really having a great time!

It seemed the more cocktails I had, the less clothing the men had on. Either that or I was having a great fantasy! First, the shirts came off, then the boots, then the pants. Before you get too excited ladies, they had boxers on. They also came strutting out in the latest loungewear fashions as well as beachwear fashions.

When you cruise through a Harley dealership, you never really get the full scope and impact of all the different types and styles of clothes available.

While the fashion show was a great time and for a great cause, without it, most of would have never known that your man could look so stylish in those bar and shield swim trunks! We also know there are many styles and variety of shirts, from the button down to the classic T-shirt.

But did you know that you can also pick up a very thirsty plush bath robe? These are some good things to know as we gear up for our early holiday shopping. I mean, what man would not like some seriously cool Harley-Davidson gear under the tree?

I do realize the fashion show and this girls’ night out had purposes other than make me drool and develop a greater appreciate the male gender. The most important benefactor of this event was the Colter Foundation, which funds the youth center at the Community Church of Joy in the North West valley. This awesome facility offers teens a safe place to play, socialize and hang out. If you haven’t been on one of Hacienda Harley-Davidson’s rides that stop there, make it a point to pull in on your while you are out cruising around and see what a magnificent place Rick and Julie have put so much effort in to making happen.