Florida Motors, a premier pre-owned motorcycle dealer in South Florida, opens in Miami

NORTH MIAMI BEACH, Fla., April 03, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — For decades Harley-Davidson has held the uncontested monopoly on American motorcycle brands, molding the domestic market into their own image. Harley-Davidson appeals to fans of their classic designs, but higher quality international brands such as BMW and Honda have drawn new motorcyclists seeking performance over aesthetic. Indian Motorcycle, the oldest American manufacturing company, merges the visual appeal of traditional American styles with the performance and quality found in international manufacturers.

Indian Motorcycle’s newest models are lighter, faster, and provide a more comfortable ride than Harley-Davidson motorcycles. With a water-cooled engine, durable parts, and improved build, Indian Motorcycles have gained traction and popularity among all riders including women and younger motorcyclists.

Florida Motors is a premier pre-owned motorcycle dealer in South Florida with a collection of pre-loved Indian and collectable motorcycles. Their passion for motorcycles is evident in every step of the buying and selling process. Because of their appreciation for innovation, ingenuity, and evolution in the motorcycle industry, Florida Motors is proud to include Indian motorcycles.
Operation manager of Florida Motors Stan Lee states:
“When most people think about domestic motorcycles, their immediate thought is Harley-Davidson. There’s an entire lifestyle cultivated around the brand and grisly, tough guy persona most people associate with Harley riders. However, more and more motorcyclists are drawn to sleek, modern builds and a quality ride than upholding any specific. The culture surrounding motorcycles is changing; motorcycle enthusiasts aren’t looking for large, bulky, hard to maneuver motorcycles anymore- they want sleek, lightweight, powerful machines that are made to last. The days of the stereotypical biker gangs on Harleys is over- today Harley-Davidson owners are more likely to transport their motorcycles across the country in a trailer than ride them. Indian motorcycles capture the spirit of domestic manufacturing while providing the quality and longevity found in metric brands. We chose Indian because we believe individuality and going against the grain. For us, it’s better to be the wolf than the sheep.
My passion for Indian motorcycles started with the movie ‘The World Fastest Indian’ with Sir Anthony Hopkins. I was so inspired by that movie, I started to race each August in Bonneville under SCTA-Bni where I met extremely talented people from all over the world. Bonneville is the mecca of speed, one of the largest American traditional motorcycle events in the country. Later my passion for Indian motorcycles led me to take part in the revival of the Indian motorcycle brand. I believe in their motorcycles because racing for so many years caused me to develop back problems to the point where could no longer handle my Harley, but since I’ve tried Indian I no longer have that problem. Indian’s reduced vibration, lightweight base models have all the features you can only find on Harley-Davidson CVOs for a much lower price.”
About Florida Motors:
Florida Motors is a premier pre-owned motorcycle dealership located in Miami, FL. Founded by a family of motorcycle enthusiasts, Florida Motors is passionate about helping clients find the motorcycle of their dreams. Each motorcycle is thoroughly researched and inspected before going on market to ensure an optimal buying experience. Florida Motors works with international suppliers and ships internationally to further meet customer needs.

For more information about Florida Motors, visit myfloridamotors.com or call 866-207-0806.
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