Flags Over the Dam: Memorial Day 2012

Flags Over the Dam: Memorial Day 2012


Honor. it’s the first word that comes to mind. It was an honor to be a part of such an amazing event. I have participated many times and the feeling never changes; I get choked up every time.

The Hoover Dam, located just 30 miles south of Las Vegas is a wonder in itself. The amazement comes when they close it down once a year, for the Viet Nam Vets and Legacy Vets motorcycle clubs to honor those who served and those who are serving in our military. Many join them; 1,300 motorcycles cruise across the dam two by two, for miles and miles. People just stand in awe of the pride in front of them. Cars, busses, and tours, of people are lined up waiting their turn to see the dam, but in this hour motorcycles jam up the dam! Thousands of pictures are taken as well as video, TV, and other media, to record the amazing patriotic event. Many stand outside their cars and wave, honk their horns, and salute the flags passing, such pride, even when we have caused an hour or more delay in their day. Patriotic we are for this 17th year of the Flags over the Dam. Everyone wears red, white, and blue, coming together for a great cause. Most bikes donned with the American flag, some with POW, as well as other military flags. One thing you can say – it was proof in numbers that bikers are very patriotic.

The day starts on the Arizona side of the Hoover Dam and the ride ends at the Boulder City, Veterans Cemetery. There a short presentation given by the Army Special Forces and Green Berets to honor our fallen. It is a time to give respect for those who gave everything for our freedom. Look to the left, it’s a sea of motorcycles. Look to the right, it’s a sea of American Flags. One on each grave. A moment of sadness, and of pride.

I’m not sure how you spent your Memorial Day weekend, but I hope you took at least a moment to reflect on its true meaning. Next year if you are in the area, I hope you join us in this proud moment in time to HONOR our military past present and future. Freedom isn’t Free.

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