First Woman to attempt to break the world’s fastest motorcyclist Crashes doing 344 MPH

Valerie Thompson (aka “The Queen of Speed”) crashed (VIDEO—in real time then slo-mo below) while attempting to break the world’s fastest motorcycle record of 376.36 mph. Thompson survived the horrific crash when her streamlined bike went airborne then crashed at 343.7 mph. Miraculously, Thompson walked away from the accident with only minor bumps and bruises. THIS MARKS THE FIRST CRASH EVER OVER 300 MPH WHERE THE DRIVER WALKED AWAY.

Conditions were reported by the team to be ideal for their attempt at the record, but once Thompson had passed the three mile marker – at a speed of 299 mph – the rear-end of the 25-foot long streamliner raised into the air before the parachutes deployed, helping to stabilize the crash.

Valerie was attempting to break the record at Australia’s Lake Gairdner World Speed Trials when something went wrong during her run and the bike fell onto its side, digging a deep trench into the salt flats and spreading wreckage over nearly two miles. She is the first woman to attempt to break the record. She broke her own personal best record of 304.263 mph with a run of 328.467 mph piloting the Team “7” Streamliner a few days earlier, making her officially the fastest woman on a motorcycle ever. Thompson is the only female driver in a two-wheeled vehicle over 300 mph. Thompson holds eight land speed records on a variety of bikes ranging from Harley-Davidsons to BMWs and is a member of seven-land speed racing 200 mph Clubs and one 300 mph club.

The world was hoping to see an all-time FIM World Record being recorded from the American speed-queen and her 500 hp, 3000 cc, dual overhead cam, 4 valve, turbocharged V4 motorcycle. The next attempt is tenuously slated for August at the Bonneville Salt Flats.