FINALLY: “We are Rolling Again”


By Wild Bill

After what has seemed like forever, a few events have started trickling out around the Southwest. I know they say because of the heat, or the economy or it’s just not like it used to be? We seemed to have dried up for a period of time. Now that I have been checking around we will all of a sudden have back to back Runs/Events all competing on the same dates and times so it looks like we will have a lot to choose from in the near future. Look at the Rides & Events calendar and choose your event. Or just do what I have done in the past few months grab a few bottles of water and wait for the sun to set and dodge the monsoons clouds and take off.

The first ride was Boots for Troops put on by the American Legion Riders at their post #24 in the wonderful town of Tombstone AZ. I greeted a few friends and we took the scenic ride through Sonoita. The twist and turns brought life back to where it should be. It’s so wonderful in the crisp morning with green hills as far as the eyes could see. We arrived in Tombstone to a parking lot full of Bikes so you could sense a great turnout.

Signing in provided us with choices 1. We could take the ride through Bisbee, Sierra Vista, Naco, or 2. Stay in town and due the Pub Crawl. I chose the Crawl to see the sights of Tombstone and cruse around the Bars. We collected beads and my Diaper pin was just too small but it was fun to see all the old cowboy days and to relive History and how it used to be. I have to mention that at one point of time I was starving and the Chuck Wagon Café & Bar 339 S 4th street in Helldorado Town was the place to fulfill my needs. This place is a must stop and I will be returning soon. Walking the streets made you wonder what it would be like in those days but after I was done I was glad to have a Bike to let me roll faster and cover more grounds. After ending up back at the American Legion and drawing all of my cards I started the ride home complete ending a mission and a day of miles and helping our troops. Check out their web site Boots for Troops to continue this great cause.

On September 1, 2012 Well it was the start of one of my most enjoyable rides in the Southwest of course I have to be fair they are all good just getting out but I do have a few I put on top of the list. The 11th Annual Bark At The Moon Run. This year it was called the Mystery Run. My Daughter Christina joined me on this run taking pictures as we blast through the night. It’s nice out and always a full moon. This year was better because as it was the mystery run we had no clue where we were going so we stayed as a group and tore it up. Meeting at the Branding Iron we did the meet and greet and headed out being guided by the Loners to the secret spots to refresh and re-group. Thanks to all of them for blocking traffic and getting us there in one piece. Taking pictures in the dark didn’t seem to bother anyone and we got or I should say Christina got some outstanding shots so we thank everyone for their support and keeping this whole event safe and such a joy to attend. Looking forward to the 12th Bark at the Moon and meeting up with the Loners MC thanks Guy’s.

On September 8th Tucson held the 5th Annual 9-11 Tribute Motorcycle Rally & Run. Put together by the Post #36 it was a super turnout. I arrived a little late as it was a beautiful morning so I took the long route to get there. Showing up the parking lot was full of riders and parking was slim but getting settled in I handed out a stack of the September Issue of QuickThrottle and proceeded in to register and find out what the day had in store for us. You could get all kinds of items coins, patches, food and coffee. Pumped up to ride for the cause I hooked up with a few friends from work and we followed the Map to the various American Legion Post and AMVETS Post. This year’s ride took us all over our county back roads and less traveled roads just a whole lot of riding and a whole lot of fun.

It’s awesome who you meet on the road besides Carlos and Bruce we hooked up with riders that had just moved back to Tucson. I am bad with names but when you click with a group of riders it makes for a fun and faster ride. At the end of our journey for the day at the American Legion Post #7 we had a few cold refreshments and reflected on the days ride. We will never forget and hope you won’t either.

I know settings up events are a lot of hard work and a lot of time go into making it the best ride for us to enjoy and we as riders need to stop and thank all of you who put the time and energy into it. This also goes to the advertisers in our magazine that of course help us help you to know what is going on in the Southwest. I hope to meet all of you soon again this year as we start the season please be safe.

Wild Bill

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