Fight Like a Girl

Fight Like a Girl

Story by Orgy & LadyZ (Cheryl Warren)

Pictures by Arlene Williams • Pictures of children contributed by Spectrum & Daily News, St Geo., UT

It’s that time of year where there are so many rides and events taking place that one has throw a dart at the map and pick which one to attend. In some cases the cause give weight to the decision making process, which was the case the last weekend of June.

Regardless of the type or form, cancer is ugly no matter how you dice it. But there is something especially horrifying about pediatric cancer. Would you be surprised to know that out of all the funding that comes in, The National Cancer Institute gives less than 3.2% to Childhood Cancer? It ends up being around 11.9 million. To give you an idea of where that lands in relation to the other cancers, Lung Cancer gets $247.6 million, Prostate $285.4 million, and Breast $572.6 million. That’s not to discredit or attack any of the others, but some of the reasons kids get the “Run-Offs” as it was described in the research are:
-Kids are too young to vote
-Pediatric Cancer “behaves differently” than most other cancers
… and the list goes on.

In the 1960’s most children with cancer died. The five year survival rate was only 28%, meaning 74% of children diagnosed lost their battle. Now, three out of five children diagnosed with childhood cancer will survive the treatment. What made the biggest difference? While medical technology is always improving, they learned that when their psychological well being was cared for on the same level as their physical, their mortality rate increased dramatically. They needed a positive outlook. They need to be happy.

With this information in hand, Mari Burgess contacted Laura Lavine of Zion Harley Davidson to host a fundraiser event for FLAG (Fight Like a Girl) which was held the 30th of June. (For information about Fight Like a Girl, visit The funds raised this particular weekend went directly to 6 children cancer patients ranging in ages from 3 to 17. “The odds of us ever raising enough money to even make a dent in these families’ medical expenses is very unlikely, but it isn’t going to stop us from trying,” Burgess said.

Cedar City Verizon dealer 2 Brothers Communications and the St. George Kiwanis Club donated $2,182 and $500, additionally gifts were donated to the patients.

Now then, let’s not forget about the scenic ride we took through the back county in Southern Utah. We left the dealership in Washington with the first card of the poker hand and headed to St. George for the 2nd stop where volunteers from the local B.A.C.A. Chapter greeted us. From there, we headed up the hill thru Snow Canyon.

We knew the cooler temperatures were going to be welcome and refreshing in the higher country. The next stop took us thru farm country and into a town called Enterprise where we made our third stop of the day. This run was a bit different from those that we are accustomed to, as we stopped mostly at diners vs they customary biker bars and taverns. Our fourth stop lead us into the beautiful town of Cedar City, where the day was really starting to get up into the 100’s, thank God for cool gear. We knew it was time to hit the road for the final stop back at the dealership to cool off and grab a bite to eat.

Well with it heating up in the Desert SW, we think we will be taking a break from riding for a couple weeks and give some much needed attention to the neglected yard and house. Next stop, Orgy & Company will be meeting up with Digger and the Crew at Too Broke for Sturgis. Til then, ride hard & ride safe.