Father and Daughter Builders Win Award at Chopperfest

Brian & Taylar De Iongh

By Mike Cupp

I’ve seen and heard a lot of stories about father and son motorcycle builds, and it always hits a soft spot in my heart. So, when I saw that a father & daughter team built an award-winning bike at Chopperfest, I knew I had to get their story. I actually spotted the pair earlier in the day as they were walking through the aisles of the bike show. They had that perfect So-Cal biker look, sporting tennis shoes, dickies-style work pants, wallet chains, t-shirts, tattoo sleeves, Dad with his slicked back hair and sunglasses, while Taylar sported her shoulder length California blonde locks. I snapped a few pictures from a distance, but the awards presentation was about to begin, and I had to secure my spot for coverage, so I gave up on a chance to chase them down to get a closer shot.

Award winners were asked to bring their bikes to the front of the stage, and as those beautiful bikes began coming in, I noticed that Taylar was pushing a cycle up to the podium! At the time, I wasn’t aware that she built the bike with her father, but I was optimistic about getting a picture of the pair after the ceremony. The awards were announced and that’s when I learned that they were a father & daughter build team, and I thought that was about the coolest thing I had heard all day. After the awards were handed out and the builders were moving their bikes, I approached the pair, introduced myself and asked if I could run a feature on them. They were thrilled and we exchanged information to catch up later in the week. We chatted a bit before deciding on a location for the shoot, and I was pleased to learn that they were less than ten miles from my house.

Taylar is a typical young adult living in Southern California. She likes hanging out with her friends, riding skateboards and having fun. A few years ago, she came to her father and told him that she wanted to ride. He said that she would have to ask her mother, who promptly said “NO!” Well, a bit of persistence and badgering finally wore Mom down enough to agree to Taylar getting a bike. That soon lead to a desire to build a bike, and this build was born. Taylar wanted to learn how everything worked and went together, it was a real hands-on experience for her. But more importantly, I’m sure the memories that were made during the build, and now as they display the bike at shows and rallies, will last a lifetime.

The bike was painted by Harpoon Kustom Paint, and they did a beautiful job with the fish scales on the tank and fender. Finally, Brian and Taylar want to give a shout out to Loser Machine for providing their apparel.

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