Evoke Electric Motorcycles Adding EV Charge Control Capabilities to Its Bikes via CAN Bus

– Evoke Electric Motorcycles to introduce smart battery EV charge control, enabling customizable charging features to better suit charging habits, prevent battery pack degradation and prolong overall battery pack life span
April 03, 2018, Beijing – With the ever-increasing advancements in battery tech, Evoke Electric Motorcycles continues to push the boundaries when it comes to integrating smart technology into its fleet of 100% electric motorcycles. Evoke Electric Motorcycles announced the addition of EV Charge Control capabilities into its bikes.
EV Charge Control will enable smart charging on Evoke motorcycles to maximize the safety, efficiency, and overall longevity of Evoke battery packs while limiting over-charging at high temperatures and deep dischargeswhich cause damage to lithium-based battery packs. EV Charge Control is a common feature that is standard in many EV automobiles but Evoke plans to be the first electric motorcycle manufacturer to add charge control features to its 2018 line-up of electric two-wheelers.
Evoke will be introducing the following smart charging features via Evoke’s EV Charge Control:
– Charge speed:allows the rider to alternate between slow and fast chargingto better suit their charging habits and to prevent over charging.
– Long life/Long range:enables smart charging to limit maximum battery SoC (State of Charge) to just under 100%, which optimizes battery pack cycle lifeover many years of use, or prioritizes maximum range per chargeover battery pack longevity
– Storage Mode: a pre-set EV Charge Control mode for situations where bike storage is necessary over periods of 3 months or longer. By enabling Storage Mode EV Charge Control, the Evoke motorcycle can remained plugged in to a power source while maintaining a constant charge of 50% which will prevent battery pack degradation over long periods of storage
“Battery tech is an integral part of the EV industry and is constantly advancing. By introducing EV Charge Control capabilities to Evoke bikes, riders will able extend battery life while still having the option to maximize performance. EV Charge Control allows the consumer to just plug in and not worry about over-charging.”, said Evoke Electric Motorcycles co-founder Chris Reither.
Evoke’s EV Charge Control features will be made available via OTA (over the air) updates in select markets.

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