Emily’s Parade

Story & Photos by Patrick Glenn

Starting at Columbine High School, the mostly dependable Colorado sunshine provided a great riding day. 1595 bikes were counted leaving Columbine, with almost 600 passengers. Other bikes joined along the way, and a group from Fairplay joined in at Platte Canyon High, so the number of participants easily matched last year’s numbers. In the absence of road construction, it was a lovely ride with the aspen trees donning their finest colors.

Generous donations from participants and onlookers are distributed responsibly and effectively toward the stated goals of The “I Love U Guys” Foundation.

A total of $45,851 was raised at the event. Net proceeds will be used to fund the foundation’s various initiatives including the National School Safety Collaborative. The focus of this most recent initiative is to explore the use of technology and other methods to facilitate nationwide collaboration among all parties engaged in the challenges of providing safe schools.

Some funds will be distributed to Bailey-area programs and organizations which support children and families.