ELEVEIT Introduces Metamorphosis

Right now the priority for our health is to stay at home, but nothing prevents us from dreaming, imagining and planning what the next motorcycle trips will be and why not, buy a new boots.

In the list of your wishes enter the new boot ELEVEIT, METAMORPHOSIS because it will be the right gift, once out of quarantine.

METAMORPHOSIS, a name chosen by the ELEVEIT brand to indicate the transformation, the metamorphosis, of the boot dedicated to the tournig motorcycle world. ELEVEIT had presented METAMORPHOSIS to the public during the last edition of the Milan Expo, EICMA, and had met with enormous interest from the journalists present.

ELEVEIT wanted to put inside the boot an advanced and unprecedented technology, the I.P.T. (Internal Protection Technology) system that comes from the RC PRO racing boot and is worn by several professional drivers and with Matteo Ferrari won the Moto-E world title.

The I.P.T. has a polyurethane structure with two exure points and programmed restraint points. The excursion of the restraint points is preset to mechanically control lateral and longitudinal torsion of the ankle within its physical limits, preventing excessive torsion and therefore protecting the joints from possible injuries. While not hampering the normal movements of the joint, it limits ankle movement at certain prede ned points to prevent twisting beyond its natural limits. The structure is sewn both to the upper and lower part of the upper and connected to the heel to guarantee excellent hold for the leg in the event of a fall. The I.P.T. has an ergonomic form, that is less bulky and gives the freedom of movement needed for riding while guaranteeing maximum protection.
The upper is made of flexible, light microfiber and breathable mesh, while the lining of METAMORPHOSIS is E-Dry, in short, water resistant. ELEVEIT, as in his other boots, has inserted the Free Lock System closure in the back of the boot while the upper has a large Velcro band closure.
We conclude with the sole designed by our technicians, one of the peculiarities is the extreme lightness and the material adopted is triple compound and two-tone rubber sole with specific grip area.
METAMORPHOSIS is available in a single colour, black, and the sizes range from small 36 to 48.