Hawthorne, CA—The 20th Annual Martin Luther King Parade in Los Angeles drew thousands of spectators and many participants, including African-American motorcycle clubs from around LA and also far away, and among them many women riders, who all ride with pride in their machines and their heritage. Peace and Unity were the banner themes of this Parade Celebration, along with the question, “Where do we go from here…Chaos or Community?”

Martin Luther King had a dream. Much bigger than chrome headers and fancy horsepower. But, for many of us, riding our own bike is our personal dream and brings us that freedom we seek in each our own way. And often when we ride, we don’t see skin color, gender, or even what we ride. We ride together, in unity.

Participating in the Martin Luther King Memorial Parade brought many motorcycle enthusiasts out to showcase what can result from a little chrome and thunder type of dream! For women, just physically handling our own bike can be the biggest accomplishment, but add to that societal opinions of what we ‘ought’ to do in life? The bike is only a symbol of the dream we make come true, every time we hit the starter and roll out.

Clubs represented in support of the Martin Luther King Memorial Parade included the LA Rattlers, Wolf Pack, Kings of Cali, Sun City Disciples, and Beach City MC. Womens’ clubs included Foxy Divas, Queens of Cali, and Unique Women of Today.

Eaglerider Los Angeles welcomed these groups after the Parade for a BBQ and afternoon of camaraderie. John Lemke, Eaglerider Sales Manager, put it this way: “We want to show support for a group that goes to the effort to participate in this important cultural event in memory of such a key figure in modern American history.”

Quick Throttle in turn, recognizes the contribution that these motorcycle clubs made to this important event. Ride On!!

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