Eagle Leather’s Bike Giveaway

Written by Diana Olmstead

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Eagle Leather’s month long Grand Opening celebration culminated in climatic fashion with the drawing of one lucky ticket holder. All during the month of October, Eagle Leather gave anyone who walked through their doors a ticket and a chance to win a new 2008 Harley-Davidson Dyna Superglide Custom.

“This was a genius promotional marketing idea” said a group of friends who had entered the drawing and ridden together to Eagle’s new 22,000 sq. ft. motorcycle accessories super store. “The tickets did not cost a dime and it gave everyone a chance to check out the new store”, they continued. I must say I heard those same sentiments repeated over and over again throughout the day.

For those that missed out, it was pure pandemonium inside and outside the store. Over 3,000 people showed up to see if they would become the lucky winners of a new Harley-Davidson. The bike tickets were free but you had to be present to win. Again, great marketing by Eagle Leather. In addition to the motorcycle give-a-way, Eagle Leather gave each person on Saturday a ticket entering them into a seperate drawing for a chance to be one of several names drawn that would win hundreds of dollars worth of Eagle merchandise.

A couple of hours before the designated 5 pm drawing, anxious customers squeezed through the doors to shop, wait and turn in last minute entries. The cash registers and employees were working at a frenzied pace to keep up with the customers. This was no easy task in light of the huge turnout, yet the staff remained professional, courteous and helpful.

The spinning ticket drum was crammed full of hopeful winner names. I couldn’t help but look around the vast crowd and wonder which man or woman would indeed win.

Prior to the drawing, Eagle Leather randomly selected an adorable little girl, Jennifer, with the honor of hand picking the winning ticket.

At 5 pm the big moment had arrived. The drum was spun several times to insure a good mix of the tickets. The crowd was nearly silent, waiting with anticipation of the name that would be announced.

“Brian Lester you are the winner of a new 2008 Harley-Davidson Dyna Superglide” Instantly I heard a lady squeal, then a big hearty “WoooWhooo” which was followed by the crowd roaring and clapping. As the masses parted, a big ’ol guy with a grin a mile wide stood before me. Along side him was his wife, Keri, who I’m sure was responsible for the squeal I heard!

Brian stepped up to the mic, completely blown away that he was the winner. He thanked Mike Toursal, owner of Eagle Leather and his fantastic staff for making this possible. Brian and his wife stopped by Eagle Leather every day for a month to shop, pick up a ticket and enter, hoping to improve his chances of winning. It definitely paid off for him.

There was something about 36-year-old Brian that oozed ’nice guy.’ I had a chance to sit and talk with him for awhile after the shock of winning had begun to wear off and reality had set in. I found that my instincts were right on, he is a genuinely down to earth, nice guy. I asked Brian how it felt to win. He replied, “Surreal. I can’t believe it’s mine. Man, how do you properly thank a guy who basically hands you a new 2008 Harley? How do you show that kind of appreciation?” Brian is by his humble words “just an average, married, hardworking guy.” He and his wife, Keri have been together for 9 years and married in April, 2006. They have 3 sons ages 9, 14 and 16 who all share a passion for motorcycles. The first thing Keri did was call their sons at home and say, “Your Dad won the Harley!” Apparently the kids had bet each other $1 that Dad would not win. Ah, boys don’t you know that Dad is never wrong!

Brian currently rides a 2007 Road King Custom but has no intention of selling the Superglide he won. He said, “It’s not only a great bike, it’s a conversation piece.” Hmmm, I couldn’t help but think it seemed to fit his wife, Keri pretty good when she sat on it for pictures… you never know. He did mention changing a few things, some new pipes, forward controls and new bars. You can’t blame a guy for customizing the bike to suit his, or is it her, needs!

It seems that Brian’s life is continually getting better with each passing day. Not long ago Brian found his biological father and their families bonded immediately. Their goal is for his father to buy a Harley-Davidson Road Glide that he has been eyeing so that the two of them can ride side by side to Sturgis next year for some long awaited father and son time.

On behalf of Eagle Leather and the staff at Quick Throttle Magazine we wish Brian Lester and his family the very best. Keep the rubber side down!