Eagle Leather Showing Off

The runway and models were the center of attention at a recent motorcycle event, something you don’t hear too often.

By JD Gore and Jody Davison

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Up in Lakewood, Washington is a 22,000 sq ft leather goods superstore of sorts, called Eagle Leather. What is there cannot be described as easily as just a store. The amount of highly sought out quality leather apparel is mind boggling to say the least. Jody and I went up to cover an event for Quick Throttle Magazine at Eagle Leather with no preconceived idea as to what we’d find. When we went through the door, our heads spun from one direction to another. Like a dog at a squirrel convention, we were pointing here and there and spinning in circles. We had to regroup and get back to business and that was to cover a fashion show Mike Toursal, founder & owner of Eagle Leather was conducting. Mike was doing something fun to kick off the beginning of this year’s ride season.

A fashion show was the perfect approach to show off the newest styles of leather jackets and coats for the upcoming season. Many colors and styles for both men and women were featured. I personally liked the concealed carry jackets but there were so many others, it was hard to pick one item.

Modeling isn’t the easiest task, but these volunteers did a great job. Eagle Leather and Quick Throttle teamed up on Facebook asking for volunteers. Men and women of all ages responded and they seemed to be glad they did. The cheering audience seemed to have as much fun as the runway models. Just prior to the beginning of the fashion show there were several drawings at specified times, keeping patrons involved and excited about the next numbers drawn, and it increased the enthusiasm in the attenders.

The rumble of a steady stream of bikes pulling up out front with riders coming in to enter the drawing and survey the show of the latest leather gear, that’s either needed or just wanted, seemed to add to all the eagerness inside. Jody and I had a few things on our list and we were very pleased to find a variety of swing arm bags, gloves and even several pairs of gaiters among the vast selection of leather apparel, riding gear, t-shirts, more items than you can imagine. This or any ride season would not be complete without beginning at Eagle Leather. Jody and I will return with hopes of filling our list of wants. Let alone to pick up our must-haves.

If you’re preparing for the ride season or just looking for some stylish leather clothing, you need to stop in Lakewood and see Mike, and let his friendly and knowledgeable team assist you in finding what you’re looking for. If it’s not clothing you’re after, that’s fine, you still came to the right place. Eagle Leather has a huge selection of helmets, one of their largest selling items. It seems Eagle Leather has just about every item that is and isn’t leather as well as the largest pin and patch selection we’ve come across. They can alter and customize all leather goods, and sew on patches while you wait.

Mike Toursal has his Boss Hoss parked inside if he isn’t taking it for a spin. Seth, a sales manager rides a 2017 Indian Scout. Emma and Paul on the staff are also riders. The staff understands the riding culture and knows how to help you find what you need. There are countless accessories to add and aid your riding experience. And if you doubt us, stop in and see for yourself, you’ll thank us at Quick Throttle later..squirrel.