Eagle Leather hid and we Sought

There are several versions of the game, but Easter is a classic time. Eagle Leather takes it up a notch for all ages.

By JD Gore and Jody Davison

The wee hours on the Saturday, before Easter Sunday, Mike at Eagle Leather was secretly hiding his version of Easter eggs. There weren’t many, six total, but they were like a Golden Ticket if found. The reason they were so coveted is that there was a dollar amount in each, ranging from $25.00 to $500.00.

Word had gotten out about what Eagle Leather was up to and when we arrived before the doors opened, people were lining up. There weren’t just bikers, there were some die hard egg hunters. You know the ones? The ones that are short and young and carrying baskets. The basket carrying type mean business. Some just had a good eye, while the rest of us relied on luck.  Not long after the doors opened, we ran into a young man that found the $25.00 egg. His good luck seemed to inspire his friend to try and one up him.

Besides the egg hunt and raffles, Mike invited Derek Roberts and Patrick DiBenedetto of The Law Tigers to share information and stats on motorcycle safety, the law and how to better protect ourselves and loved ones with the right insurance. With all the stats, it’s easy to see where motorcycle riding is 10% hands and feet and 90% paying attention.  Another guest was Jesse Murphy, of Cascade Motorcycle Safety, who entertained the crowd about handling your motorcycle in normal and abnormal conditions. Jesse offers classes on advanced riding technics in WA and OR. Cascade Motorcycle Safety will be having a class in Hood River, riding the Gorge.

Some of the listeners had either found an egg or gave up because Mike didn’t make it easy and just wanted to take advantage of The Law Tigers and Jesse to learn more of minimizing accidents and problems that accrue when there is an accident. Or more importantly, avoiding one.

I focused on the lecture the best I could all the while trying to pay a little attention to the action behind me, I heard the $500.00 dollar egg was found. After the lecture, Jody and I talked with the lucky finder of that $500 dollar egg.  He shared a story that he, “Never has had a new leather jacket.”  He plans on changing that and is going to treat himself to a new jacket. The last egg standing or still hiding was the $250.00 egg.

Neither Jody or I had found an egg but it was a great way to learn just what all Eagle Leather carries in stock. I mean you get intimate looking in the nooks and crannies for a surprise. The surprise I found is that it seems there is literally everything at one location for my motorsport needs. If you were to ask me if they had Jewelry? I’d say yep. Electronic? Yep, that too. Accessories for cruisers or dualsports? You betch ya. They even have a size 100 leather jacket. If they have a jacket that size, I’m pretty sure they have your needs covered. Stop by Eagle Leather in Lakewood, WA. Its easy access off and on I-5. You’ll be glad you did.

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